A4Vision and Fastcom Integrate Facial Recognition and Smart Video Airlock with Kaba Speedgate

May 10, 2006
3D facial identification provides access to singular airlock for monitoring people and objects

IFSEC, Birmingham, UK. - May 8, 2006 -A4Vision and Fastcom Technology are demonstrating the world's first combined video monitoring system with 3D facial identification access. Fastcom's Smart Video Airlock Control System (SMACS) and A4Vision's award winning 3D facial recognition technology with Kaba's HSB Speedgate can be seen in the first demonstration of the combined security technologies at IFSEC, Hall 6, Stand 102/4. Though this is the first announcement of the companies' integration, the product is available now with deployments already underway.

The integrated system has immediate application in secure physical access areas where anti-tailgating measurements are required. Both Fastcom's and A4Vision's technologies limit access to only one person, preventing abuses such as tailgating or card sharing. The integrated product uses 3D facial recognition to gain access to a secure airlocked space where both individuals and objects are monitored to determine numbers of people and objects in the interlock while reporting and recording suspicious or irregular incidents.

"Fastcom's technology ensures that only one person is allowed access and the 3D face biometric guarantees that this person is authorized to enter. This is the perfect combination for high security access control." said Neil Rowlands, Sales Director at A4Vision.

"A4Vision is a world leader in advanced face recognition and Fastcom is delighted to have this opportunity to incorporate the Fastcom technology to create this unique solution." said Philippe Niederhauser, VP Sales at Fastcom.

A4Vision's innovations in 3D data capturing and processing have produced renowned industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision readers perform both verification and identification in real-time; accommodate variable angles, motion, and changing light conditions, including night; and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy. A4Vision products achieve unmatched sub-second processing speeds in biometric scanning and can be applied in multi-factor security schemes, such as the Fastcom integration, or with other security factors including PINs, cards, fingerprint or iris scanning, and number plate recognition.

Fastcom's SMACS acts as an intelligent video surveillance system for singularisation control and empty space control in interlocks. Using ultra-advanced image processing algorithms, SMACS automatically detects people and objects in a secured interlock area. The Smart Airlock Control System product family is a video-based detection system, used for access control at building entrances, or to rooms and floors. Combined with a security airlock door or an elevator cabin, access by people can be automatically controlled. The system is able to detect the presence of people in an airlock while also checking for objects, which have been left behind. The used method is video-based and needs only a single video camera.

The integrated product is available now and can be purchased through either A4Vision or Fastcom.