Keyscan Introduces the Ultimate Enterprise Solution

Oct. 2, 2006
Combines Keyscan's Enterprise Program and its new Vantageâ„¢ software product

Sept. 27, 2006 – Whitby, Ontario Canada – Keyscan, Inc., the well respected supplier of advanced access control products, introduced the ultimate enterprise solution at ASIS International this week . A combination of its innovative Keyscan Enterprise Program for exceptional systems integrators and its new Vantage™ software product, the teaming provides the finest product, installation and support solution ever made available to enterprise users. Despite the elevation of standards, the Keyscan Enterprise Program still supplies an impressive return on investment and low life cycle costs.

The Keyscan Enterprise Partner Program has been specifically developed for high performing access control integrators. A Certified Keyscan Enterprise Partner undergoes rigorous Technician Training and Certification and an equally rigorous Sales Professional Training and Certification. The Partner is fully supported by Keyscan with an arsenal of business tools that include unique software such as Vantageâ„¢, exclusive hardware functions, extensive marketing support, sales presentations, etc. Partners also participate in the Keyscan Enterprise Partner Executive Council where they provide input on engineering design and development and engage in enterprise networking sessions for improved professionalism.

Keyscan developed the program in response to industry requests. Steve Dentinger, Marketing Manager for Keyscan said, “Dealer integrators asked for an exclusive, enterprise wide access control solution with expanded features and functionality. After much dealer and integrator consultation we have delivered. Our Keyscan Enterprise Partner Program combined with our partner exclusive Vantage™ software marks a shift in what a truly scalable and integration friendly access control system is meant to be.”

Industry history has shown that, often, such specialized programs are softened or neglected over time. Keyscan has totally embraced the program by installing a dedicated Enterprise Program Manager. It is this individual’s responsibility to insure that the program benefits and features remain robust and that the program evolves and improves over time. It is this dedication and commitment by Keyscan to its partners that set this program apart from any other.

The new Vantageâ„¢ software provides advanced features essential for large enterprise flexibility and scalability. Besides the myriad of standard access control features, such as user selectable languages, e-mail or cell phone alarm alerts, interactive maps, etc., Vantageâ„¢ includes highly specialized but critical functions that make this the most complete enterprise product produced. These essential features include scheduled backups, a disaster recovery function, multiple communications methods and other tools just too numerous to list.

Vantage™ is a totally integrated enterprise solution that encompasses modules such as photo badge creation, photo verification for positive identification and a visitor management module for positive control and tracking of all personnel visiting a user’s facility.

CCTV is also completely integrated into the Vantage™ solution. Both traditional and IP based camera’s can be utilized along with many major manufacturer DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders). Whether the CCTV platform is RS232, Web-enabled or DVR, Keyscan includes these camera-action and image retrieval features:

- On-screen and multiple camera commands for quick response.

- Fast retrieval of recorded CCTV images during a system triggered event such as a forced entry alarm.

- Automated camera recording of alarm events.

The combination of world class Vantage™ software with extensively trained and manufacturer Certified Keyscan Enterprise Partners delivers users the most reliable, feature rich, scalable and flexible enterprise access control solutions imaginable. Keyscan always strives to incorporate the most advanced technologies with innovative designs. They have now brought their extensive experience and proven record to address the complexities of the enterprise level user and integrator. Keyscan provides, quite simply, the finest integrated system available – Vantage™ - and its associated team of exceptional system integrators.

Integrators wishing to learn more should contact Steve Dentinger at [email protected] for further information on the program.

About Keyscan

– Since 1984 Keyscan has built a reputation as an industry leader in access control systems. Reliability, flexibility and innovation have been cornerstones of our success. Our passion for the access control industry is unmatched and, as such, we strive to incorporate the most advanced and tested technologies coupled with innovative user friendly designs. Keyscan empowers businesses, organizations and institutions with a variety of access control systems that regulate and monitor buildings for greater security.