Ingersoll Rand releases T Series cylindrical locks from Falcon

June 20, 2008
Locks feature redesigned compression springs for optimal support

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies announces that its T Series cylindrical lever locks from Falcon feature redesigned compression springs that provide the industry’s most robust lever support and offer years of reliable performance, even in high-use applications.

Within the T Series locks, two stainless steel compression springs replace steel torsion springs to greatly enhance the support of the levers. Unlike the typical torsion spring that tends to break at its bend points, the T Series compression springs far exceed the ANSI/BHMA requirement for cycle tests. Steel torque plates hold the springs in place and transfer the spring energy to the spindle and lever assembly. In addition, the stainless steel compression springs maintain a consistent lever return, eliminating lever sag, and provide a greater resistance to abusive lever torque than commonly used torsion springs. As a result, the new integrated spring cage assembly combined with the modular chassis insures lock stability with consistent latch retraction.

"The T Series cylindrical lever lock from Falcon is the most versatile lockset in the business," affirms Jim Hooker, business development manger for Falcon Door Hardware. "It adapts to most manufacturers’ conventional key systems and all manufacturers’ interchangeable cores, is ideal for new construction and retrofit, and is designed for high-use applications such as multi-family, retail, institutional and government/military applications."

Contrary to the more popular stamping process used on spindles, which makes them prone to split along their seams when abusive force is applied, the T Series locks are produced using one-piece spindle manufacturing. To dramatically increase torsion strength, spindles are created out of machined steel that is turned and milled.

The T Series locks also deploy bite tabs and thru-bolts to secure the lock chassis to the door to ensure consistent latch retraction.

Falcon levers provide independent, bi-directional rotation for handicap applications and facilities that desire latch retraction through lifting. As a standard feature, the T Series exterior lever rotates freely while locked, preventing damage to the internal lock components when subjected to excessive force, a Falcon feature trademarked PressureRelease.

The T Series locks are available in Avalon, Dane and Quantum designs. All levers are available with abrasive coating along the length of the lever to identify entrances to hazardous areas to the disabled. Five different finishes are available. For those with existing T Series locks, a retrofit kit is available to upgrade to the new compression spring cage assembly.

Cylinder configurations include conventional and interchangeable core, both small format (Best style SFIC) and all manufacturers’ large format or full size (FSIC). The T Series lock accepts multiple cylinder configurations, multiple key system formats and multiple competitor manufactured cylinders.

The product is available now. More information is available at