Imprivata and Lenel Partner for Converged Enterprise Access Solution

Sept. 25, 2006
Easy-to-use, appliance-based solution provides greater security by tying physical location to network access

ASIS 2006, San Diego, Booth # 4225, Sept. 25, 2006 — Lenel Systems International and Imprivata Inc. announced today a strategic relationship in which the companies will provide a converged physical-logical access solution designed to address comprehensive enterprise security, compliance and user authentication needs. The offering will provide an easy-to-use and affordable solution that has no impact on user workflow and that adds significant value by seamlessly integrating with existing access infrastructure investments. Imprivata is an enterprise authentication and access management appliance company based in Lexington, Mass. Lenel, a global leader in the development of integrated security systems for government and commercial markets, is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

The combined solution will integrate the Lenel OnGuard® security platform with Imprivata’s OneSign™ Physical/Logical. The combined solution will allow a user’s physical location, as determined by the OnGuard system, to be a factor in granting network access privileges. For example, a user who has badged into an office building will not, at the same time, be able to remotely access the VPN, because the solution recognizes the user as being in the office rather than working remotely. The joint solution also provides organizations with consolidated auditing and reporting of physical, logical and application access events by user identities.

“Regulatory compliance is the driver behind the integration of physical and logical systems with our federal customers. It is also raising awareness within the commercial sector of the security benefits achieved through convergence. Those organizations see how costly it is to manage employee credentials in two disparate places, and realize that an integrated physical-logical solution will address this pain point,” explained Michael Regelski, Lenel’s chief technology officer. “By joining forces with Imprivata, we provide a complete solution that syncs up an organization’s physical and logical systems, enabling them to cost effectively communicate in real time for much improved security.”

The OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management Solution™ offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production and employee and visitor management functionality. OnGuard integrates seamlessly with Imprivata’s OneSign Physical/Logical, a purpose-built appliance for organizations that need to integrate building and network access systems for unified enterprise security management. Beyond simply leveraging the building access badge, the appliance consolidates identities between physical access systems and IT directories, to enable one converged policy for allowing or denying network access based on a user’s physical location, role, and/or employee status.

“By combining location-based awareness with management of network access privileges, companies can streamline their security procedures for improved operational efficiencies,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata. “By partnering with Lenel, we are able to provide an easy-to-deploy, enterprise-wide security access solution that easily integrates with a company’s existing infrastructure and allows our customers to save time and money while protecting their entire organization.”

Lenel and Imprivata will sell the combined solution jointly through their existing distribution and VAR channels. The combined solution will be available at the end of October 2006.