ADT Integrates Video with Web-Hosted Access Control System

Sept. 23, 2006
New version of ADT Select Entry incorporates video clips with access control activity reports, enabling multi-location facility management

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Sept. 25, 2006 — ADT Security Services, Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, today launched a new version of its ADT Select Entry web-hosted access control service that integrates video with access control events, allowing users to view event video over the Internet.

Originally launched in 2003, ADT Select Entry, powered by technology from Brivo Systems, Inc., enables companies to securely manage physical access to multiple locations regardless of where the facilities or administrators are located. It is ideal for applications where on-site management is unavailable to administer the system, such as in retail stores, and can help track individual movements to and from sensitive areas such as cash rooms, pharmacies, warehouses and shipping docks.

Through ADT Select Entry, access control panels are connected to the central data center via wireless or Ethernet networking to allow authorized personnel at each facility to access specified doors or gates. The application is then made available to authorized administrators over the web, allowing remote management of all access points at each facility.

The latest version of ADT Select Entry is integrated with the Intellex® Digital Video Management System from American Dynamics, to provide a video record of individual accesses or attempts to access a building. Authorized users may view the video of access activity within the ADT Select Entry application.

One of the industry's leading digital video management systems, Intellex is used widely within the retail industry due to its ability to simultaneously multiplex, detect alarms and events, and record video, audio and text. The system's video analysis tools can instantly search for specific clips saving time manually scanning video for events.

Rex Gillette, vice president of ADT Retail, said integrating Intellex with ADT Select Entry provides an extra layer of oversight.

"ADT Select Entry has been successful within the retail industry because it provides a quick and easy way to deny access to individuals who have left the company without having to confiscate keys or badges. Stores typically re-key facilities an average of twice a year due to employee or management turnover," Gillette said. "Providing video confirmation of which individuals are accessing a facility was a logical next step for the ADT Select Entry platform."

Because ADT Select Entry is a hosted service with the access control software and database residing on a remote, central server, it requires no on-site computer, special software, network wiring or IT involvement. ADT Select Entry is available nationwide from ADT Security Services.