STOPware PassagePoint Offers A Wealth Of Features And Enhancements

April 7, 2006
With Visitor-e-Pass and Intelli-Check options, and Galaxy as a partner, STOPware has more than ever to offer.

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2006) – STOPware, a name known for unsurpassed quality and reliability in security control, continues to build on the success of its popular PassagePoint Visitor Management Software. Since its introduction in 1997, PassagePoint has provided unmatched functionality, speed, ease-of-use, and scalability. It is simply the most complete lobby security solution available.

"With the PassagePoint family of products, you have total control in registering, verifying, and badging visitors," said Paul Terschuren, VP Sales and Marketing, STOPware, A Brady People ID Business. "And our optional enhancements give users in government agencies, health care organizations, multi-tenant buildings, and enterprises of all sizes even more flexibility and versatility."

With Intelli-Check Document ID Verification System, available as an option with STOPware’s PassagePoint Professional or Enterprise Visitor Management software systems, users will be able to meet federal government requirements for verification of identity documents such as state issued drivers’ licenses. There’s no modification required to install the scanner into existing systems and as a self-contained device it can be easily added to the visitor desk or unattended visitor registration kiosk.

"Unlike with other ID scanning devices available on the market, with Intelli-Check the user is capable of confirming the authenticity of government issued drivers’ licenses, military and other identity documents," said Terschuren. "The scanner can also read any biometrics such as fingerprints encoded within the 2D bar code. With Intelli-Check, we can offer a more complete visitor management solution to those facilities and customers who must abide by the federal regulations."

Another innovative enhancement now being offered for PassagePoint is the Visitor-e-Pass feature. Compatible with either the PassagePoint Professional or Enterprise editions, Visitor-e-Pass will help speed visitors through the registration process. When a host pre-registers a visitor or group using Visitor-e-Pass, the visitors receive a custom e-mail which includes visit details, directions, and a barcode which can be scanned at entry for faster sign-in and badging.

"The Visitor-e-Pass feature takes the convenience of pre-registration to a new level," said Terschuren. "It's easy to use and increases the efficiency of the visitor registration process from the visitor, host and company perspectives."

STOPware is also pleased to announce a new partnership with Galaxy Control Systems, manufacturers of control systems products and peripherals. Since 1984, Galaxy Control Systems has manufactured their own access control hardware components and developed their own software applications. Their system will integrate seamlessly with PassagePoint, offering another level of functionality and convenience for users.

"With powerful performance and reporting functions for unprecedented levels of security control, plus an array of available enhancements for even more control options, STOPware’s visitor management software solutions are much more than a visitor enrollment system – it's a fully integrated security solution," said Terschuren.

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