Kantech Network Communication Controller Brings Unprecedented Stability to Access Control

April 6, 2006
KT-NCC reduces IT maintenance costs while enhancing reliability and critical back-up protection

Orlando, Fla. — April 5, 2006 — Tyco Fire & Security today announced the release of the Kantech KT-NCC (Network Communication Controller). The KT-NCC embedded panel manages communication directly between the controller and the Kantech EntraPass™ access control software– eliminating a layer of PCs and the associated maintenance costs and stability challenges.

Leveraging the power of the NCC global functionality made popular by the Kantech brand of access control solutions, the KT-NCC extends features such as global anti-passback, system-wide alarms, enhanced back-up protection of critical data, secondary access levels and more. By removing the NCC functionality from a layer of PCs and placing it within an embedded panel, consistent security is maintained even in widely-dispersed facilities.

“The Kantech KT-NCC will make access control more reliable, manageable and cost-effective,” said Leon Langlais, general manager for Tyco Fire & Security’s Kantech product line. “By removing part of the heavy IT support required for PC maintenance, we are both enhancing reliability of security while vastly reducing recurring IT costs– potentially saving companies thousands of dollars per year.”

In addition, the Kantech TC-NCC does not have any moving parts or hard drives that can wear out or fail and provides the added benefit of TCP/IP onboard, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of the access control system through lower maintenance costs.

“The power of KT-NCC together with EntraPass Global Edition provides an ideal solution for customers looking to manage access control in a widely dispersed environment without some of the inherent complexities of computer maintenance,” added Langlais.

For more information about KT-NCC, visit www.kantech.com