AMAG Technology's Rack Mount multiNODE Helps Save Space

Sept. 24, 2007
RAK3 houses same amount of equipment as CAB3 for Symmetry multiNODE controllers
Torrance, CA, September 24, 2007 - AMAG Technology now offers a new Rack Mount option, RAK3 for its Symmetry multiNODE Controller family of products.

Companies can save space by installing Symmetry multiNODE Controllers in a rail mounted slide out rack-based enclosure, rather than housing each in a separate large CAB enclosure. The 19 inch enclosure slides out on rails and has a convenient zigzag arm for routing cable.

The RAK3 houses the same equipment as the CAB3 enclosure, and is fitted with the same style lock as the existing enclosures.

A built in block power supply makes this a convenient, space saving option.

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