IDenticard Features expressionsID Badging Solution at ASIS

Sept. 24, 2007
ExpressionsID system delivers the power and versatility to create customized badges

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) – IDenticard, a leader in biometric security identification and access control systems, is featuring expressionsID, their innovative ID badging software, here at ASIS. Developed by IDenticard's team of industry experts, expressionsID is designed to enhance the level of any security management program.

"expressionsID has a unique pedigree in that it was developed by a security company," said Aaron Henderson, IDenticard Software Product Manager. "So while the security features are the best in the market, the technical complexities of ID badging software have been simplified to enable customers to appreciate a more immediate business benefit."

With expressionsID, it is possible to take advantage of multiple card technologies, including mag stripe encoding, bar code or biometric data. Single or multiple cards can be encoded for photo ID, access control, time and attendance, and assorted applications such as vending, debit or library transactions. The biometric data stored on the IDentiSMART contactless smart card authenticates the user's identity.

A key feature of the software is the exclusive record navigator, which provides folder-based management of cardholder records, allowing the user to custom configure records to display in groups for fast, simultaneous viewing and eliminate tedious, record-by-record searches. The software features drag and drop design, making it easy to customize screens and cards and save them as new designs. There is also a default database and stylish design templates. expressionsID and all IDenticard software is backed by a comprehensive range of product training and support services.

"expressionsID gives users the opportunity to create professional badges that are also individualized designs," said Henderson. "We developed this solution with the idea that badging can be an outlet for creativity as well as a dependable security measure."