LEGIC Identsystems Smart Card Technology Deployed by BMW Manufacturing Plant

March 31, 2006

Chicago, Illinois - LEGIC Identsystems Ltd (LEGIC), a leading worldwide developer and supplier of secure, personal identification, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technologies, today announced that the BMW plant in Spartanburg, North Carolina has installed its technology as the contactless smart card component to BMW's enterprise management system, a KABA Benzing solution powered by B-COMM for SAP R/3 software that collects employee time and labor data. The plant employs more than 4,700-employees and produces 750 vehicles daily, including 390 BMW X5 sports activity vehicles and 360 Z4 roadsters.

The BMW plant is open six days per week and uses flexible working hour models, requiring a state-of the-art, enterprise management system. The efficiency offered by KABA Benzing's B-COMM software integrated with LEGIC reader technology ensures faultless data exchange between individual SAP applications and data collection devices. LEGIC's one swipe smart card provides both secure access and the ability to collect employee time and attendance data for use in other features involving staff management within the enterprise system.  In addition, employees are able to gain access and clock in with just one ID badge and have the capability of using the same card at the cafeteria and vending machines eliminating the need to carry coins or cash.  It also reduces cafeteria operating costs associated with counting cash and depositing it at the bank.

"We needed to have our time clocks and time data collection interface with the SAP solution," said Wayne Pressley, BMW section manager. "We wanted to ease implementation by selecting a partner with a certified interface and reader technology and Kaba Benzing interfaces with more than 700 installations of SAP solutions around the world."

About the technology

LEGIC offers an all-in-one-card technology capable of handling up to 127 different applications. The all-in-one personal identification card allows for more than the identification of employees for access control, it can be used simultaneously for applications such as time & attendance management, access to IT systems, cashless payment at company cafeterias, vending machines and gas stations. In addition, LEGIC's technology platform allows for biometric applications on the same card. The all-in-one smart card technology offers an unprecedented level of data streamlining, cost-efficiency and convenience for corporate operations managers and end-user employees.

The KABA Benzing enterprise system B-COMM links terminals and other hardware data devices to SAP R/3. It automates and validates the collection of employee and labor data for entry into SAP solutions, including mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR, time management), mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (including product planning, plant maintenance and project system), SAP Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) and the employee self-service capabilities of mySAP HR

Located in Miramar, Florida, Kaba Benzing America, Inc., is a subsidiary of US$900 million Kaba Holding AG and a worldwide leader in enterprise workforce management solutions. From time and attendance, workforce scheduling, analytics, employee self-service and data collection solutions for SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, SSA Global Technologies, Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions and other leading enterprise business systems, Kaba Benzing offers an array of time and attendance and production data collection solutions. Kaba Benzing can be contacted in North America at 954.416.1720; website is www.kaba-benzing-usa.com. In Europe and Asia, website address is www.kaba-benzing.com.

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, with headquarters in Switzerland, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. Their portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips for the integration into third party products. LEGIC Identsystems currently works with over 200 partners world-wide who offer compatible LEGIC based applications including access control, cashless payment, parking, e-ticketing and other multiapplications. More than 1 million readers and over 70 million credentials are successfully integrated in more than 50,000 work and leisure places worldwide. LEGIC Identsystems is online at www.legic.com. Legic will be demonstrating its technology at Booth #4039 during ISC West 2006.