FAST-PASS to Demonstrate Identity Management System at ISC West

March 31, 2006
System popular for schools, hospital, L.E. facilities for tracking visitors

FAST - PASS is an Identity Management System which increases security at schools, hospitals, and law enforcement facilities -- tracking both visitors and vendors who enter. It's being used for credentialing for US Visit as well as corporate lobbies around the country (large and small). FAST - PASS creates a safer environment by removing the opportunity for people to act on their ideas.

The FAST -PASS Identity Management System technology will be on display at ISC West 2006 in booth #32020.

Essentially, in 15 seconds:

- we swipe a visitor/vendor's driver’s license (or passport); - all information is populated in a database (and saved) - a photo is taken - the name and photo are checked against an existing computerized list of undesirables (e.g. USDOJ National Sexual Predator/Offender watchlist, terrorist lists as well as your own list of problem individuals) - a badge is printed with name, photo, location or person visiting and any other information you want on the badge (e.g. expiration times, etc.)

This increases security because you have an electronic file of all who have visited the facility (replacing the old, meaningless log book) and can dynamically search by any parameter desired. For example, visitors on April 29 between 2-3pm or visitors between 5'11" - 6' with blonde hair if there was an intrusion, theft or other act. It's a simple, but effective increase in security at facilities.

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