RBH Cost-Effective Solution for Access Control Systems

March 6, 2007
RBH's IRC-2000-RD 2-Door Panel Kit includes 64-door software and two proximity readers

Mahwah, NJ, February 2007 – The new IRC-2000-RD from RBH is a combination of a great value and features of the popular IRC-2000 2-door Intelligent Reader Controller and a robust, reliable SR-2400 proximity readers. To make this offering complete, a 64-door version of the Integra32 Integrated Security Management software and 10 concurrent client licenses are also included.

"Most requested by our dealers," says RBH Director of Marketing Paul Kuzin, "this combination of products provides a very competitive solution in today's market. And now it is available at special package prices and under a single part number."

IRC-2000 controllers can be found in banks, hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools and many other types of businesses and institutions. Feature rich, they are a very attractive option for dealers looking to provide a reliable solution and maintain high profit margins at a very competitive price.

Unique capabilities are included along with the features that have become a requirement for many high-end access control products. Low cost bi-directional reader control, elevator control and burglar alarm interface modules along with LAN network modules and USB port adaptors make it easy to create custom-tailored systems.

With a 4.5"-5" read range, combined with RBH's secure 50-bit cards, SR-2400 readers complement the value of the IRC-2000. Built in piezo sounder takes advantage of the sound controls provided on IRC-2000 to announce "Door held open" warnings and alarms, "Door forced" and "Access Granted/Denied" signals.

The Integra32 is a powerful but very easy to learn and use software component of the IRC-2000-RD kit. Advanced Client/Server architecture is augmented by many standard and optional features: automatic backup, history and database reporting, photo id production, data import, CCTV and DVR integration, biometric enrollment, etc.

"Systems that are easy to sell, simple to install and profitable to expand is what we offer to our customers" explains Paul Kuzin.

More detailed information is available here: http://www.rbh-access.com/downloads/RBH-IRC-2000-RD.pdf

Hardware key features:

• Fully featured 2-door Access Control Panel

• 5,000 Cardholders and Access Levels (8,000 available) • Distributive processing, built in clock, 3,000 event log

• 8 Programmable Outputs (Failsafe/secure)

• 8 Programmable Inputs (Fully supervised) • Supports bi-directional reader control on both doors

• Connect via USB, Ethernet LAN and COM ports

• Connect up to 16 panels per port / 16 ports per PC

• Flash upgradable firmware, all removable connectors • 5 Simultaneous Card Formats per Panel

• 2, 3, 4, 5 card-swipe functionality assigned per user

• Global Automation Links and Anti-Passback

• Many other useful and advanced features included

Software key features:

• Simple and quick to install, easy to configure

• Easy to manage cards and advanced system settings

• Powerful, intuitive features and comprehensive reports • Easy to learn, informative and interactive system screen

• Automatic, multi-copy backup and quick restore

• Available: Photo ID,DVR and Biometric integration, etc.