Videx Announces CyberAudit-Web for Easily Managed Access Control

March 27, 2006
CyberAudit-Web allows for flexibility in controlling access, features cellular authorization, remote management

CORVALLIS, OREGON- Videx announces CyberAudit-Web, a browser-based software program that offers cellular communication to remotely program user keys in the field, anywhere and anytime. Access authorization can be sent to keys via a cellular phone, providing on-demand access and eliminating unauthorized entry and security risks from lost keys. CyberAudit-Web is ideal for small localized businesses, geographically widespread enterprises with multiple locations, or companies that need to grant access to mobile employees, such as service technicians and delivery people.

CyberAudit-Web is used in conjunction with CyberLock electronic keys and lock cylinders. These cylinders install inside traditional mechanical door hardware, and do not require batteries or wiring. In addition, the locks cannot be picked, and the keys cannot be duplicated. There are over 80 different types of cylinders available, which can be used in a wide variety of applications including doors, safes, server cabinets, and padlocks. Besides providing access on demand, CyberAudit-Web provides a comprehensive report of user activity.

CyberAudit-Web’s ability to operate on the internet gives you the flexibility to control schedules from a central site. Administrators of the system can give managers of remote locations the ability to set their own access schedules and view the audit report for their specific area of responsibility. This auditing feature provides you with information on all events, including dates and times of openings, attempted openings by users outside of their access schedules, and even a listing of denied entries of those trying to enter your system.

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