Honeywell Vindicator V5 Access Control System to Support Smart Cards

Sept. 17, 2007
Support for longer credentials complies with FIPS 201

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 13, 2007 - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that support for the longer credentials contained on smart cards has been added to the Vindicator® V5 Access Control System (ACS). The V5 ACS, which is the access control server in a Vindicator security system that makes decisions about whether a credential is valid, now supports DesFire and Mifare PIV II credentials. Additional smart card credential formats can be supported based on the unique requirements of individual customers.

As security policy tightens in order to protect civic and governmental facilities, access control systems are becoming more sophisticated and the cards used are storing more information - from biometric templates to demographic information. As more smart card credentials are used for facility access control, suppliers will be required to expand their capabilities to support the longer data structures found on these cards. Smart cards can alleviate potential issues in some applications where card numbers might be duplicated. They also contain data related to the cardholder's PIN, encryption keys, expiration date, agency code, etc.

Many Vindicator customers are now deploying the readers required to use these credentials in their access control systems. As government mandates are put into place, those customers can rest assured that Honeywell Vindicator can facilitate their migration to fully compliant FIPS 201 solutions.

"Supporting the longer data structures on these smart cards opens up many new applications not previously possible," said John Waldron, marketing manager for Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions. "From single sign-on to E-purse to integration with FIPS 201 compliant solutions, we now have the capability to deliver an access control solution to our customers that is truly end-to-end."

"By adding the Vindicator platform to the list of Honeywell solutions supporting FIPS 201, we are committed to being an industry leader in access control. We are moving beyond physical security to converged applications that provide our customers with improved utilization of the security systems across their operations," explained Beth Thomas, senior product manager, Honeywell. "Our strategic relationships with Novell, ActivIdentity and ImageWare Systems give us a world-class FIPS 201 solution."

Honeywell's Vindicator Security Solutions provides intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance and assessment that meet the demanding requirements of some of the world's most challenging security applications, such as military installations, federal and state government sites, correctional institutions, commercial facilities, and ports and other vital infrastructures. The Vindicator V5 ACS Server, paired with the new smart card readers, provides a solution for the heightened requirements of access control at mission-critical facilities.

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