Bosch's AEC Offers Web-Based Access Control

Aug. 24, 2006
Access Easy Controller designed for small to medium-sized businesses wanting controls for access over the Web

Fairport, New York - Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality access control systems and components, has just launched the innovative Access Easy Controller (AEC). This Web-based system offers customers the best of both worlds - the easy-to-use features of a Web server and the functionality of a powerful access control system - all in one complete unit.

Designed for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises such as corporate offices and retail chains, the AEC is affordable, easy to install and operate, and requires little training or maintenance. It's also scalable, so it can grow as the customer's business expands.

The Web-based system's state-of-the art embedded intelligence design does not require any special software. Instead, the AEC uses standard browsers (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) and works on any operating system, including Mac and Windows. It's a network-ready system that connects easily to any TCP/IP network via an Ethernet port and operates over any Ethernet network (e.g., LAN, WAN or VPN). Remote connection can also be established with a standard dial-up serial modem.

The AEC solution is easy to program and manage, and any client computer in the network can access it to manage the database, monitor activity or control devices. The system offers an open architecture, interfaces with standard Wiegand readers and includes these special features:

- Log-on access rights - All user IDs and passwords are protected with security encryption allowing access into the AEC to monitor, control, and manage the system parameters, transaction records, and activities.

- Superior privacy masking and sector blanking - Keeps sensitive or restricted areas hidden from view.

- Internet e-mail (SMTP) and Short Message Service (SMS) support - The AEC can send out e-mails based on triggered events or transactions under normal or alarm conditions. Each mail message consists of a full description of the event or alarm, location, ID and date/time stamp. E-mail can be sent to multiple recipients or relayed as Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile phone users via certified modems. This function provides an unlimited means of selectable information transfer.

Additional AEC system features include: - Access control using a card reader or a card reader plus PIN code, - In/Out readers (anti-pass back) for high security areas, - Intrusion alarm input point monitoring, - Arm or disarm AEC alarm zones using a card reader, - Manual door control, - Automatic door control based on schedules, - Automatic arming and disarming of input points, - Output control based on schedules, - Special scheduling options for holidays, - Built-in reporting capabilities, - Attendance capturing, - User dial-in support, - Input/Output logic programming for control automation, and - Real-time activities and status update.

An initial four- or eight-door AEC system can expand quickly and easily to cover 16 doors. Each AEC system has options for up to 32 input points and 32 output relays that can be software configured. With the addition of the Access Easy Master Controller (AEMC), users can connect to 20 AEC systems for expansion to 320 doors, 640 inputs and 640 relay outputs. The system is currently available in English, and a Spanish language version will be available soon.

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