Viisage Selected by Brazil for Border Security Program

March 13, 2006
Installation is the first nation-wide installation of an automated RFID document authentication system

BILLERICA, Mass. - Viisage, a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions, today announced that SERPRO (Servico Federal de Processamento de Dados) of Brazil has selected Viisage's iA-thenticate Smart Chip/RFID Electronic Document Reader to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of information with e-Passports, e-Visas, driver's licenses and ID cards at all airports, seaports and land crossing borders throughout the country. The contract, valued at $1.7 million, marks the first industry deployment of a smart chip reader and further outlines the option for SERPRO to spend an additional 25% of the original contract value through the exercise of add-on technologies.

The systems will be operated by the Department of Federal Police (Departamento de Policia Federal - DPF). This is the first nation-wide implementation of an automated RFID document authentication system in the western hemisphere, and positions Brazil, the fifth most populated country in the world, as a leader in the use of border security technology.

The iA-thenticate with smart chip technology helps prevent identity fraud during border crossing by using the embedded e-passport smart chip reader, to verify the validity of credentials that are electronically stored on the e-passport. The product is also used to validate the authenticity of standard passports that are not RFID chip enabled. The implementation will be in conjunction with the production of the new Brazilian passport, which will be issued later in 2006. With more than 200 units already shipped, full deployment is planned to be underway by the end of the first quarter; completed deployment is expected during the second quarter of 2006.

"Viisage is proud that our technology has been selected to aid Brazil's national police department, securing vital points of entry," said Mr. Ron van Os, Chief Product Officer of Viisage. "Law enforcement agencies around the world rely on verification and authentication systems from Viisage to increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the criminal justice community."

This marks the first industry-focused, global RFID border implementation following the mandate by the International Standards Association and the United States. Cross border travel is on the rise as identity documents such as passports, visas, driver's licenses, and smart cards are being used to cross borders at land, air and sea ports around the world. Governments are facing an increasing challenge of monitoring the integrity of these credentials presented during entry, stay, and exit points to ensure proper authentication of travelers and employees. Officials rely on border management processes and technologies to assure national security and public safety. Viisage has more than 3,000 product installations that are protecting borders and preventing identity fraud in over 17 countries.

Viisage delivers advanced technology identity solutions for governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses concerned with enhancing security, reducing identity theft, and protecting personal privacy. Viisage solutions include secure credentials such as passports and drivers' licenses, biometric technologies for uniquely linking individuals to those credentials, and credential authentication technologies to ensure the documents are valid before individuals are allowed to cross borders, gain access to finances, or granted other privileges. With over 3,000 installations worldwide, Viisage's identity solutions stand out as a result of the Company's industry-leading technology and unique understanding of customer needs. Viisage's product suite includes IdentityTOOLS SDK, Viisage PROOF, FaceEXPLORER, iA-thenticate, ID-GUARD, BorderGuard, PIER, HIIDE, AutoTest, FacePASS and FaceFINDER.