Cincinnati Chooses Pinnacle Access Control Solution from Sielox

March 10, 2006
Sielox chosen for system to protect city's high-security surveillance recordings

Runnemede, NJ – The safety of the population is the ultimate objective of security systems currently being put into place by cities across the country. That was the objective of the City of Cincinnati when they contracted with CityWatcher to install security cameras in highly trafficked urban areas. But collecting video data is only the beginning of the equation. The need to keep this sensitive information secure once it is collected becomes an issue of access control.

Cincinnati needed a higher level of control to assure that only specified employees could access recorded data. Together with VeriChip, a provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology, they approached Sielox, now a subsidiary of L Q Corporation. Sielox is the developer of the Pinnacle Access Control System. "Sielox made the investment in time and resources to develop the customized programming and innovative technology that would work together with VeriChip's products," said Karen Evans, President and General Manager of Sielox. "Beginning with the Pinnacle Access Control Platform, Sielox engineers created the additional integration required for this highly specialized biometrics application."

The VeriChip RFID tags, which emit no signal but provide passive identification verification, are tiny microchips embedded beneath the skin. Two employees in Cincinnati have volunteered to have the new chips embedded enabling them access to the video data.

After the successful implementation of the system in Cincinnati, Sielox, CityWatcher and VeriChip have had further inquiries from several other cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Columbus. "We are looking forward to working with CityWatcher and VeriChip to continue delivering security solutions for additional municipalities," said Evans. William J. Fox , President and CEO of L Q Corporation added, "This successful collaboration will lead to a roll-out of this technology that will enhance the safety of all citizens. This type of innovation is consistent with the mission of the L Q group of companies."

Sielox (purchased from Checkpoint Systems, Inc. in 2005) is the primary business of L Q Corporation, which is engaged in the business of physical security and investigatory services. L Q's philosophy is to bring innovative solutions to the security needs of businesses and governments.

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