LSG Launches Voice Recognition Door Lock

June 7, 2005
VoiceKey designed for home as well as commercial use

VIENNA, Va. -- LSG Inc. announces the U.S. launch of "VoiceKey", the first voice recognition digital door lock designed for residential as well as commercial use.

The multifunctional VoiceKey unlocks doors by voice command, secret number pad, card key, or remote control device. VoiceKey brings a new level of home security and customer convenience to the residential door lock market.

VoiceKey can accommodate up to 30 different voice commands and secret numbers. It also features a voice message recording function so a departing resident can leave a message for family members or others with authorized entry. The message is activated as soon as the next authorized person enters the house or office. In addition, visitors can leave up to seven voice messages.

VoiceKey can also be integrated with home security systems. If a potential intruder attempts to tamper with the lock, an alarm sounds at once and an emergency notice is sent to a telephone, PC or other receiving device.

All Voice Key models are made of durable metal and come in a variety of attractive colors. The sleek styled VoiceKey was the recipient of the prestigious Korean Industrial Design Award in 2003.