Liska and Marcomm Develop Biometric Access Control Solution

June 22, 2005
Companies introduce SecurBIN, a high-end, biometrically enabled physical access control solution

OTTAWA -- Industry experts state that the requirement for greater access control will fuel demand for increasingly sophisticated biometric access control systems.

Liska Biometry a biometrics solutions provider and Marcomm Fibre Optics, the leading provider of fully integrated electronic security systems and services in Canada, today jointly announced the co-development of SecurBIN(TM) a high-end, fully functional biometrically enabled physical access control solution.

The respective product development teams have successfully integrated the Liska BIN Descriptor's biometric authentication functionality into a biometrically enabled, physical access control solution within Marcomm's Dynatrol software suite, offering the most accurate and responsive positive ID management system with multi-system connectivity.

The SecurBIN biometrically enabled physical access control solution provides a significant improvement to physical security over current technology.

"By jointly helping customers to transition to an integrative biometric access control solution, we are enabling them to significantly enhance their current security environment while bringing them unparalleled scalability and flexibility in a single system." said Manoj E. Hippola, CFO and President of Liska Biometry Canada, Inc.

"Simply put, a company who lives within the high-end of physical electronic security must always seek out high-end solutions, such as the SecurBIN to present to its clients"" said David Trudel, Vice-President of Marcomm Fibre Optics. "High-level integration of sophisticated systems is expected of us and as such we must continue to integrate with the leading technologies."

Marcomm Fibre Optics, Inc, is a leading provider of fully integrated security systems and services to governments and large institutional clients. Its proprietary DYNATROL software solution provides a platform for the transparent integration of independent peripheral security and operating systems, such as Liska's BIN Descriptor ,CCTV, Access Control, PLC, Alarm Monitoring, DVR's, Intercom, VOIP, Fire Alarm, Building Automation, Lighting Control, Output Control, and Locking Control systems into one fully redundant central control and display interface.