GVI to Provide Visitor Management System to Florida Public School District

Aug. 25, 2005
Contract covers installation of ID verification and management at 50 locations in Collier County, Florida

CARROLLTON, Texas -- GVI Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of integrated Homeland Security Enterprise solutions for government agencies and the private sector, announced today that it will provide an enterprise-wide visitor ID verification and access management system to the Naples, Florida-based Collier County Public School District to control access of visitors, vendors, and volunteers to its school facilities.

The contract covering installation at 50 locations in the school system is the first win under a recently announced distribution agreement with Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO) and is expected to generate $486,000 of revenue for GVI, including post installation support and maintenance services.

Utilizing a visitors driver's license, the system authenticates the visitor's identity, verifies the name against a nation-wide, Internet-based database of registered sex offenders as well as customized Deny Lists which could include known gang members, convicted felons and parents with restraining orders.

"We are pleased that the Collier County School Board has chosen our enterprise-wide visitor ID verification and management solution. Our system provides the high level of security the school district is looking for. We see a larger opportunity to provide these reliable, cost effective systems to a wide array of security-sensitive public and private organizations that have a responsibility to provide safe, controlled access to their facilities," said Nazzareno Paciotti, Chief Executive Officer of GVI Security Solutions.

"The Collier County Public School District is committed to providing our students with the safest possible educational environment. The visitor management system provided by GVI fits our requirements perfectly as it offers instantaneous documentation, automated visitor tracking and analysis, and maximum security. We are looking forward to the swift installation at all 50 access points," said Russell T. Clukey, Executive Director, Support Services of Collier County Public School District.