A4Vision Equips Regional Transportation District of Denver with 3D Facial Recognition

Nov. 17, 2005
First mass transit application of 3D facial recognition secures main treasury

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - A4Vision Inc. today announced that the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver, Colorado has adopted 3D facial recognition for physical access control to secure its Treasury. A4Vision's Vision Access 3D Face Readers raise security levels by verifying RFID access cards used with the Lenel access control system for access to the Treasury are being used only by designated, authorized holders. RTD also uses A4Vision's Vision Enrolment Station to enroll authorized individuals in a 3D facial recognition database that stores and manages identity information and access parameters.

Jim Hawver, A4Vision VP of Sales, said, "Denver RTD's investment in A4Vision's 3D facial recognition products marks a significant adoption, considering the potential of 3D facial biometrics for mass transit security."

Denver RTD is a public transportation district that provides transit services to 8 counties and 44 municipalities, with 85 million annual passenger trips aboard light rail, bus, access-a-Ride and call-n-Ride services. With 1,300 buses, 16 miles of light rail and another 19 miles to be added within a year, the RTD's Treasury handles millions of dollars in collected transit fees per year. The Treasury has been secured by a man-trap preceding the Treasury area, with a Lenel card access system opening doors into and out of the man- trap only for authorized Treasury personnel. A4Vision's 3D biometric facial recognition systems raise security, by ensuring that lost or stolen cards cannot be used by anyone other than the authorized party to whom a card has been issued.

Don Young, RTD Treasury manager, said, "We have Treasury's security access thresholds set very high on A4Vision's new Vision Access 3D Face Reader, because Treasury cannot tolerate any false accepts, yet we experience a 99 percent throughput rate. A4Vision's readers are serving us with fast speeds and high accuracy."

"The Treasury application of A4Vision's 3D facial recognition has been successful. We will continue evaluating the use of A4Vision's 3D facial recognition," said Michael Sinclair, RTD's Security Systems administrator.

Denver RTD uses A4Vision's 3D VisionAccess Face Reader, the world's first three-dimensional (3D) facial identification/verification reader with active feedback. Designed to achieve fastest processing speeds by easing optimal user positioning, the reader captures a biometric image to identify or verify subjects in less than one second! RTD also uses A4Vision's Vision Enrolment Station to create a 3D facial recognition database, which manages identity information and access parameters, such as time of day and area access permissions. The Vision Enrolment Station performs enrolment and builds biometric 3D face templates. The Enrolment Station is designed with A4Vision's advanced optical technology, structured light, and algorithms, utilizing a special projector and digital camera. The output of the Enrolment Station is both a 3D biometric template and a standard 2D color image of a subject. Enrolment processing is also very fast, between 6-8 seconds.

A4Vision innovations in 3D data capturing and processing have produced renowned industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision readers perform both verification and identification in real-time; adapt to variable angles and changing light conditions, including night; accommodate motion; and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy.

A4Vision offers 3D face recognition products worldwide through customer companies, including Unisys, Bannerbridge, Interflex, Siemens, Thales, Aurora, IDLink, NTT Communications, Premier Electronics and others. A4Vision is currently developing 3D products for the US Federal Government with partner Unisys.

A4Vision is online at www.a4vision.com.