Toye Corporation Announces Linux-Based Network Controller

Oct. 27, 2004
System can control 127 card readers, up to 2,000 alarm monitor points

Toye Corporation has announced its new Linux based Network Controller. It's a miniature stand-alone computer that connects to any network, and can control 127 card readers of any technology, and up to 2000 alarm monitor points. Any PC connected to the network can be authorized to monitor transactions, and make programming changes using our acclaimed Access Anywhere MS Access based software. A PC or Network failure can never degrade or affect real time high security.

Highlights of the new controller include: - Provides a major upgrade in the performance of Toye access control systems.
- Allows for networking the Toye system to multiple buildings and remote locations over the customer's LAN/WAN
- Automatic programming of multiple Network Controllers from a single PC
- Based on the state-of-the-art Linux operating system.

Application options for controller inlclude: - Stand-Alone Access Control With No "PC" Connected
- Stand-Alone Access Control With "PC" Control and Monitoring
- LAN Control and Monitoring
- Multiple Site Networks
- Remote Sites Via Dial Up

Linux networking offers full Windows 2000 and XP authentication and security. A Linux controller looks just like a Windows 2000/XP PC to Windows. The Toye Corporation Linux Based Network Controller provides seamless networking to MS Windows LAN's or WAN's, so that network administrators can easily add them to their networks.

The Linux networking for the Toye Network Controller is set up at the factory prior to shipment, and simple utilities are provided for field programming, if needed. A modem option is also available, so Toye or the dealer can dial in and make setup changes for the customer with a dialup phone line.

Because of the Linux operating system, performance of the new software is dramatically better, and much faster than previous versions. Most existing Network Controllers can be upgraded at a very moderate cost.