S2 Announces Software Upgrades for the S2 NetBox

Jan. 20, 2005
Release 1.2 adds new capabilities for integrated monitoring of alarms, access control and video; advanced security for Internet-based communications; and multi-language support

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- S2 Security Corporation (S2), developers of the industry's first network appliance that fully integrates a range of physical security applications, today announced a set of software upgrades for its S2 NetBox line of IP-based, Web-enabled security management systems. The version 1.2 software release includes new integrated monitoring features, enhancements to data communications security, and multi-language support.

The release will be available to registered dealers and systems integrators for online download and remote installation to their customers at no charge.

New Integrated Monitoring Features
Core security application upgrades in version 1.2 include upgrades to the Monitoring Desktop and enhancements to the graphical floor plans. With Monitoring Desktop, users have access to all monitoring functions of the product through a single screen. Additionally, alarms and access events are represented in real-time on the graphical floor plans by live, active objects. These features enable complete integrated monitoring of alarms, access control, and video - either locally or remotely - using only a Web browser.

"Monitoring Desktop provides real-time monitoring features that you don't see even in some of the most high end systems," explained John Moss, CEO of S2. "The S2 NetBox makes these features standard in low-end, mid range and high-end installations."

More Secure Internet-based Communications
Version 1.2 increases the security of the communication path among system components, allowing facilities to be securely interconnected over the public Internet. The ability to utilize commonly available Internet connections for multiple sites significantly reduces the cost of deployment and ongoing operation. S2's solution encrypts sensitive data and authenticates all messages among connected components for data security.

Multi-Language Support
S2's entry into non-English speaking markets also begins with a multi-language capability introduced in version 1.2. Systems will ship with one or more language packs, each representing a different language that can be selected in the field. S2 will make the Spanish language pack available during the first quarter of 2005, and has plans to introduce additional languages throughout the year.

"Version 1.2 is part of an ongoing commitment at S2 to continually add advanced features to its products," said Moss. "We plan to release additional software enhancements this Spring and, as always, all software updates can be downloaded from the S2 Web site by registered installers and installed remotely over a network or the Internet. Removing the need to install software on desktops is another example of our commitment to reducing the total cost of ownership of the security systems."