Vigilos Releases New Software for Hirsch Access Control

Feb. 9, 2005
New software provides full support for Hirsch panels, allows enterprise-wide monitoring of Hirsch panels, enables programming features

Vigilos, a provider of enterprise security management software for the physical security needs of large enterprises, has announced the successful deployment of a new release of Vigilos software that includes the integration of Hirsch access control hardware.

The new software release from Vigilos provides full support for Hirsch access control panels, including monitoring outputs from, issuing commands to, and programming features of those panels within the Vigilos software. With this release, Vigilos customers can monitor and program Hirsch panels across their enterprise using the Vigilos software on their internal network or over a secured Internet connection. With a few clicks, security professionals can determine the status of panels anywhere in the enterprise, or program changes to those panels. Vigilos users can also write software rules that will automatically notify the appropriate staff when trigger conditions arise. Users can also input or import cardholder information and enable cards for any connected Hirsch panels, and even remotely open or lock doors using their desktop computer.

The Hirsch access control hardware joins an expanding list of manufacturers that Vigilos has integrated into its comprehensive Enterprise Security Management software platform. The software enables users to fully integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and a host of other devices and systems into one unified command and control interface. Vigilos software is completely network based, so all integrated hardware and all supported features of that hardware can be accessed and programmed from any network-connected workstation anywhere in the enterprise.

"We have customers who are working to better manage all of their security systems across hundreds of sites," said Doug Gorder, EVP of Vigilos. "With this software release, we've added Hirsch to the growing list of hardware that is fully supported within the Vigilos platform. Our mission is to support all of the types of sensors, panels, and subsystems that our customers want to integrate and manage with our software, from their chosen manufacturers. Since we don't build any hardware ourselves, we've found that most manufacturers are happy to work with us, as Hirsch did, to build the drivers for their hardware into our COTS software, particularly when their customers ask for that cooperation."

Vigilos is currently operating in a variety of installations including banks, seaports, multi-tenant commercial buildings, petrochemical, public transportation, federal agencies, and other organizations. Customers have declared their satisfaction with results including doubling output with the same staff, effectively managing security for hundreds of sites, enabling collaboration across and outside the organization, and overall improvements in security effectiveness.