A Smart Card with Embedded Camera for Facial Recognition

Oct. 13, 2006
FaceKey grabs patent for system thtat could do facial recognition with the card alone

SAN ANTONIO--FaceKey Corporation, a provider of biometrics technology, fingerprint recognition and face recognition technologies, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has issued U.S. Patent No. 7,039,221 B1.

The new patent, titled "FACIAL IMAGING VERIFICATION UTILIZING SMART-CARD WITH VIDEO CAMERA" covers a smart card equipped with an embedded video camera for use with face recognition. This smart card is a unique type of security and identification device never before available. Embedding a video camera in the smart card and requiring its owner's face to be recognized before using the smart card will prevent unauthorized access to facilities and confidential data stored on the card.

Research indicates that because of the many features and benefits of the technology, the market for the smart card equipped with an embedded video camera is vast and is expected to be in the billions. FaceKey is currently identifying applications in the most lucrative markets, such as Homeland Security, and potential partners.

"Your face will be your key," noted Yevgeny B. Levitov, President of FaceKey Corp. "Because the presence of the owner of the smart card with an embedded video camera is required to use the card, the smart card is a new tool to increase accountability, such as limiting access to property, protecting confidential data, preventing identity theft and restoring privacy. We believe that security will be increased without the further wearing away of citizens' privacy as business and government add restrictions as they endeavor to protect customers, employees and citizens."