Silex Introduces Embedded Biometric Fingerprint Readers

May 10, 2007
E1 and E3 sensor designed to be embedded into hardware for access control

WASHINGTON -- SILEX TECHNOLOGY America, Inc. today announced the unveiling of the E1 and E3, two new biometric fingerprint sensors that can be embedded into hardware to limit access and potential data theft.

"Placing a permanent sensor on a machine, such as a laptop, printer or even a forklift, is the best way to regulate access to it," said Gary Bradt, SILEX vice president, biometrics division. "With the E1 and E3, our customers can rest easy knowing that unless an authorized finger slides across the sensors, no one will ever be able to gain access to critical information and processes."

The E3 is an intelligent sensor that extracts and captures the minutiae of a fingerprint for matching. It easily integrates into any system because all of the biometric-related activities occur within the reader instead of the device's operating system. The E1 is a lower-cost option for devices already connected to a CPU. SILEX's SDK makes it simple to integrate either into hardware or a network, as well as other applications such as an information asset management program.

With data theft at an all time high, government agencies have proven themselves vulnerable to leaking classified materials from stolen laptops. By embedding a simple biometric device such as the E1 or E3, only the authorized, intended user will be able to view the contents of the laptop.

The E1 and E3 solutions can be customized into a variety of devices. Both utilize SILEX's unique radio frequency (RF) sensors, which read below the surface of the finger to capture an image of the fingerprint at the corium level. This technology ensures a deep, accurate scan regardless of skin or weather conditions.

SILEX TECHNOLOGY welcomes all GovSec attendees to stop by booth 2013 to demo the E1 and E3, as well as the SX-650 Netguard and brand-new SX-2600CV, a device that converts IPv4 machines to the IPv6 standard.