Probaris Announces Flexible HSPD-12 Enrollment Module

Sept. 11, 2006

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 2006--Probaris announced a new addition to their Personal Identity Verification (PIV) product line today--The SP Enrollment Module. The Enrollment Module compliments their flagship product, Probaris SP, by providing a flexible and cost effective enrollment solution satisfying the specifications of HSPD-12 and FIPS 201.

The Probaris Enrollment Module is unique for several reasons including its flexibility, affordability, and secure authentication features. The Enrollment Module easily integrates with a wide range of biometric capture devices. Our solution's flexibility affords customers a variety of options when procuring devices to accommodate operational and cost constraints. Along with the flexibility to choose any device, the extensibility of SP provides the customer options when determining their preferred procedure for enrollment, including fingerprint and facial capture. The SP software integrates with a wide array of fingerprint scanning devices, including a flat bed scanner using rolled ink fingerprints or a livescan device.

Most importantly, the Enrollment Module is built to support the same high security features as SP, including smart card authentication, separation of roles, authorization and digital signature support. When using the SP system, an Enrollment Officer authenticates using their PIV smart card and their authorization to act in that role is verified. The enrollment data is then digitally signed using the Enrollment Officers' PKI certificate, and securely transmitted back to Probaris SP.

More over, a comprehensive audit trail is maintained for each PIV credential request in the SP system, detailing the process participants and the actions taken by each. Since the Enrollment Module is linked to SP, any actions within this module will also be part of the audit trail. The Probaris Enrollment Module compliments the proven SP/PIV platform, offering a complete workflow and enrollment solution that is flexible and secure.

About Probaris

Probaris ( develops and markets Probaris SP/PIV -- the leading software platform for managing personal identity verification (PIV) processes. SP/PIV is built on Probaris' Secure Process(R) (SP), the industry leading web platform for secure business process management. The platform supports origination, routing, and management of web-enabled business processes, and the rapid integration of these processes with legacy applications and databases. Probaris offers the most flexible, scalable, and extensible business process solution for HSPD-12.