New Biometric Face and Signature Software from National Identity Security

April 3, 2006
Verification software aids in prevention of identity theft

NEW YORK – Verifying an individual’s identity by matching facial images and signatures against archived biometric information is central to National Identity Security Inc.’s (NIS, new suite of software products.  The suite includes the National Identity Personal Profile (NIPP Secure), which authenticates and validates the individual, not the credit card or information used to identify the person. 

NIPP Secure guarantees a customer’s identity will never be stolen.  The identity authentication system protects individuals and companies from identity theft, fraud and data corruption both online and at point-of-sale transactions. 

“Last year alone, approximately nine million Americans were victims of identity theft, which cost businesses and consumers more than $54 billion,” said Clyde Smyth, president of National Identity Security Inc.  “The statistics are rising each year, so we are offering a solution to individuals and companies to help protect their customers.”

NIPP Secure features proprietary technology programs called Certificate for Fraud Detections (CFD Online Secure/CFD TOO Secure), offering an additional level of security beyond the standard digital certificates, certificate authorities or firewalls.  CFD Online Secure/CFD TOO Secure creates a binary string of information that is converted to an image and/or signature for verification.  Special mathematical algorithms compare the information and verify the match. 

A pasted bitmap, a copy machine or an expert forger may be able to duplicate what a signature or a photo of a person looks like, but it is virtually impossible to duplicate the behavior, timing changes and pressure of a signature and the binary string of a facial image.  There will always be slight variations in a person’s handwritten signature, but the consistency created by natural motion and practice over time creates a pattern that NIPP Secure can recognize and use for identifying and authenticating signature behavior.  In addition, a face binary string can not be duplicated for identity theft and fraud authentication.

NIPP Secure for individuals carries an annual fee of $29.95 the first year and $19.95 for each year thereafter.  CFD Online Secure/CFD TOO Secure is available to merchants, financial institutions, banks and corporations for $0.02 per transaction.  CFD Online Secure/CFD TOO Secure annual subscription charges range from $650-$2,500, depending on the number of transactions the company anticipates.  There are also higher annual fees for larger transaction volumes.

National Identity Security Inc.’s products are so secure that the company guarantees 100 percent of the amount of the loss and up to $25,000 per transaction.