Identix Demonstrates Fingerprint Matching Technology in NIST Testing

March 16, 2006
National Institute of Standards marks BioEngine 6 as top-performing, AFIS-grade matching technology

Identix Incorporated announced today that the latest National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) testing report has identified Identix' newest fingerprint matching technology offering, BioEngine 6, as a top performing, AFIS-Grade algorithm. The recently released NIST fingerprint algorithm testing, the results of which were publicly released March 10, 2006, included the latest one-to-many fingerprint matching algorithm from Identix. The tests were conducted on large scale, existing, real-world databases, including U.S. VISIT airport captures, Mexico/U.S. land crossings, and worldwide U.S. Visa applications. Identix' technology was shown to be highly competitive, with performance above or in-line, with the current leading AFIS vendors.

In its latest report, NIST tested a total of 21 algorithms from 10 vendors. Several AFIS vendors participated through multiple submissions that represented different parameter adjustments of the same algorithm from that vendor. Identix participated with a single algorithm, BioEngine 6. Identix average accuracy results across all tests came in at 99.45% in the two finger tests and 97.36% in the single finger tests, at a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1/10,000. Only two other AFIS vendors averaged higher, with a difference of only 0.1-0.2% for the two finger matching accuracy and 0.7-0.8% for the single finger accuracy. The complete NIST results released March 10, 2006 may be found at