Turkish National Police Selects Cross Match Technologies Biometrics Solution

March 13, 2006
Biometric identity verification company's criminal booking system to be used for Turkish L.E. agencies

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Cross Match Technologies, a global leader in providing high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions, announced today that the Turkish National Police Criminal Police Laboratories (CPL) has signed an agreement to use the Criminal Booking System (CBS) within Cross Match’s end-to-end biometric identity solution platform. The system will be provided to Meteksan Sistem, a Turkish system integrator, through Cross Match’s partnership with Biometri-CS, a leading company for biometrics technologies in Turkey, to support an integrated computer system that links police forces and agencies in Turkey.

The CPL, under Ministry control, has primary responsibility for security in Cities. To keep up with Turkey’s city growth and ordinary crime and traffic problems, the CPL needed to upgrade and expand its Livescan network. Cross Match’s CBS help the company achieve this goal by capturing fingerprint, palm print and facial images.

“We needed to find a solution that could help us save time when booking criminals,” said Seyit Demirci, Head of the CPL. “Cross Match has helped us address this concern by providing us with digital finger and palm printing solutions that are significantly faster than traditional ink on paper fingerprint tools and much easier to use. We doubled this year, our Cross Match installed devices.”

Cross Match’s CBS consists of its renowned LITE-Ue Livescanners for capturing finger and palm prints, the solid LITE Cabinet, and a number of local print stations. As a combined offering, the system is a reliable and easy-to-use solution that provides high quality biometric data.

“We are pleased that the Turkish National Police Criminal Police Laboratories has recognized the value of our biometric identity applications and solutions, and look forward to helping the organization improve its Criminal Booking System,” said Georg Hasse, vice president of International Marketing for Cross Match. “We have been growing rapidly since inception and this engagement will help us further expand our global presence.”

Cross Match Technologies is online at www.crossmatch.com.