Research & Markets Report Looks at Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities in Biometric Technologies

March 13, 2006
Company releases Wolrd Biometric Market Outlook for 2005-2008

DUBLIN, Ireland - Research and Markets has announced the addition of World Biometric Market Outlook (2005-2008) to their offering.

The World Biometric Market Outlook (2005-2008), report provides extensive research and objective analysis on the growing marketplace for Biometric Technology- Worldwide, its technologies, and impact on the market. This report helps clients to analyze the opportunities critical to the success of the growing Biometric Market Worldwide. It also helps in examining the key application areas of Biometrics in different Industries like Banking & Financial Services, Health Care Industry, Aviation Industry, Stock Exchanges, Universities and Schools, Police Business Processes, Residential Locations, Government Organizations and Credit Monitoring Organizations.

Key Technologies Analyzed

Key Biometric technologies including the most recent one as Iris Technology, Finger Scanning, Voice Recognition, Hand Geometry, Facial Scanning, Signature Verification and DNA Identifier are also analyzed supported by the facts like revenues and the market share.

Key Players Analyzed

This section provides the overview, key financial ratios, key people and key numbers of several players, including Entrust, Identix Incorporated, Viisage Technology, Bioscrypt Inc., Daon Inc., BIO-key International, AuthenTec, Group International Inc., International Biometric Group, Iridian Technologies, Wherify Wireless, HID Corporation, SiVault Systems, Cognitec Systems, Biometrics 2000 Corporation, Biometric Access Company, Acsys Biometrics Corporation, Lau Technologies and Biometric Security Card.

Growing Markets Covered

This section covers the Actual Market size and Future Market Projections in each segment throughout the world. It includes countries like North America, UK, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and South Korea.

Key issues and facts Analyzed

The research report also addresses the issues and facts that are critical to your success:

-- What does the competitive market landscape for each technology in Biometric Industry?

-- What are the opportunities and challenges of this industry?

-- How adaptable are each biometric technology?

-- What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges of Biometric Technologies?

Forecast and Analysis

It includes detailed market sizing and a three-year forecast of the worldwide Biometric market segmented by technology. Worldwide Biometric Revenue forecast also gives an idea of the competitive landscape of this industry over the year 2008.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction

1.1 How does Biometric Technology Works?

1.1.1 Standalone Systems

1.1.2 Networked Systems

1.1.3 Third Party System Integration Wiegand Interface Smart Cards

1.1.4 Full Biometric Integration

1.2 Biometric Value Chain in an organization

1.3 Comparison of various Biometric identification technologies

1.4 Zephyr Analysis

1.5 The seven pillars Analysis

2. Types of Biometric Technology and its Market Size

2.1 Iris Recognition

2.1.1 Finger Print

2.2 Facial Scanning

2.2.1 Hand Geometry

2.2.2 Voice Verification

2.2.3 Signature Verification

2.2.4 DNA as a biometric identifier

3. Applications of Biometrics in Different Industries

3.1 Banking & Financial Services

3.2 Health Care Industry

3.3 Aviation Industry

3.4 Stock Exchanges

3.5 Universities and Schools

3.6 Police Business Processes

3.7 Residential Locations

3.8 Government Organizations

4. Biometric Market Analysis

4.1 Market by Technology Analysis, (%), 2004

4.2 Market by Verticals Analysis, 2004

4.3 Growth Forecast

5. Worldwide Biometric Control System Industry Analysis

5.1 Global Market Size, by Geographical Distribution, (%) 2004-2006

5.1.1 North American Biometrics Market

5.1.2 UK

5.1.3 India

5.1.4 Japan

5.1.5 Saudi Arabia

5.1.6 Russia

5.1.7 South Korea

6. SWOT Analysis of Biometric System

7. Opportunities and Challenges

7.1 Opportunities

7.2 Challenges

8. Focus on Global Players in Biometric Market

8.1 Entrust, Inc.

8.2 Identix Incorporated

8.3 Viisage Technology, Inc.

8.4 Bioscrypt Inc.

8.5 Daon Inc.

8.6 BIO-key International, Inc.

8.7 AuthenTec, Inc.

8.8 NEXUS Group International Inc.

8.9 International Biometric Group, LLC

8.10 Iridian Technologies, Inc.

8.11 Wherify Wireless, Inc.

8.12 HID Corporation

8.13 SiVault Systems, Inc.

8.14 Cognitec Systems GmbH

8.15 Biometrics 2000 Corporation

8.16 Biometric Access Company

8.17 Acsys Biometrics Corporation

8.18 Lau Technologies

8.19 Biometric Security Card

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List of Figures

Companies Mentioned

-- Entrust, Inc. - Identix Incorporated - Viisage Technology, Inc. - Bioscrypt Inc. - Daon Inc. - BIO-key International, Inc. - AuthenTec, Inc. - NEXUS Group International Inc. - International Biometric Group, LLC - Iridian Technologies, Inc. - Wherify Wireless, Inc. - HID Corporation - SiVault Systems, Inc. - Cognitec Systems GmbH - Biometrics 2000 Corporation - Biometric Access Company - Acsys Biometrics Corporation - Lau Technologies - Biometric Security Card

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