AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor Technology to Be Used in APC's New Mouse Password Manager

May 11, 2005
AuthenTec fingerprint sensor enables authentication and fast-user switching

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- AuthenTec, the world leader in fingerprint sensor innovation and sales for more than five years, today announced that American Power Conversion's new Biometric Mouse Password Manager incorporates AuthenTec's fingerprint sensor technology. APC, a leading provider of consumer technology solutions, joins a growing list of companies leveraging AuthenTec's The Power of Touch approach.

The APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager -- with AuthenTec's EntrePad 3400 touch sensor -- eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords necessary to access favorite websites, corporate networks, e-mail systems and online bank accounts - greatly reducing the risks of identity theft due to lost, forgotten or exposed passwords. The APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager permits up to 20 different fingerprints or 20 different users to store passwords on a single computer system. Each user enrolls using a finger as the identification source. The software stores an unlimited number of login names and passwords.

In addition to this added level of security, the new APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager provides a new level of convenience for computer users. For example, when used with Windows XP, the product enables fast user switching. With the simple touch of a finger, a shared laptop or PC recognizes each user's personal configurations and passwords - automatically authenticating them and bringing up their personalized desktop applications.

The APC Biometric Mouse Password Manager combines the security and convenience of APC's popular password manager with the functionality of a mouse -- reducing desktop clutter, and improving the user experience.

"The Biometric Mouse Password Manager gives users a convenient way to access their online accounts, and provides a level of security that only fingerprint sensor technology offers," said Joe Loberti, general manager, APC Consumer Network Solutions Group. "AuthenTec's sensors are the most proven in the industry, and provide our customers with the highest level of security and convenience."

"APC has introduced a unique product that directly addresses the identity theft issue," said Scott Moody, president and CEO of AuthenTec. "The new Biometric Mouse Password Manager offers the highest level of security in a convenient and easy to use device that is a perfect fit for both consumer and business computer users. We are proud that our product was selected for such an important product."

Security and convenience features are part of AuthenTec's The Power of Touch approach, which enhances the overall consumer electronics experience by extending biometric technology beyond secure user authentication to take full advantage of the power of touch. This unique approach enables manufacturers to easily incorporate compelling new features and functions built around the ideas of security, convenience, navigation, and personalization - all controlled by the simple touch or swipe of a finger.

The Power of Touch is based on AuthenTec's TruePrint technology, which is the only technology in production that allows fingerprints to be read below the surface of the skin to the live layer -- or true fingerprint. As such, TruePrint is not affected by common skin surface conditions, including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin that can affect other sensors' ability to acquire accurate fingerprint images for user authentication purposes. Uniquely, TruePrint is the only fingerprint sensor technology capable of acquiring everyone's fingerprint under virtually any condition.