Identix Lands Award to Use Biometrics to Secure Voting System

Aug. 10, 2005
Facial recognition to be used in unnamed country to prevent voting fraud

MINNETONKA, Minn. -- Identix Incorporated announced today that it was awarded a subcontract for deployment of its ABIS biometric matching platform as part of an election identity management system in an unnamed international country in the northern hemisphere. The subcontract has a total value to Identix in excess of $2 million. The country will use Identix' ABIS biometric matching platform as part of an identity management system for its voter registration and voting process to assist in eliminating voter and identity fraud by reducing duplicates at the ballot box while helping to ensure that each citizens' vote counts. Identix said that it has received an initial payment of approximately $1.2 million under the subcontract, which it expects to record as revenue in its fiscal 2006 first quarter ending September 30, 2005. Identix said that this subcontract win was one of the facial recognition-based ABIS programs it had originally anticipated booking and executing on in its fiscal 2005 fourth quarter, which ended June 30, 2005

The ABIS biometric platform for this country-wide voter registration application is enabled with Identix' latest generation of FaceIt(R) facial recognition technology. While registering to vote, prospective voters will have a photograph taken at the time they provide their demographic information. The photograph will be converted into a biometric template and will be added to the country's database of registered voters. Each registered voter's facial biometric template will be searched against the entire database (1:N matching) to help ensure the individual had not previously registered under different demographic data.