ECKey introduces VIZpin LINK Remote Management

March 30, 2016
Update VIZpin Reader-Controllers from the cloud even when there is no network

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – March 22, 2016 —ECKey, the market leader in Commercial Smartphone Access Control, today announced that it has introduced VIZpin LINK for remotely managing VIZpin Reader-Controllers using your phone as your network.

Remote management of panel-based access control systems require a LAN (Local Area Network), ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the associated hardware and cabling which adds significant cost to the installation, administration and maintenance of the system.  VIZpin LINK lets you manage your system remotely by using your phone as your key and your network. 

Each time someone uses the VIZpin SMART app to unlock a door or control a device, VIZpin LINK updates the device settings and retrieves system information using a secure, encrypted Bluetooth connection.  The VIZpin SMART app knows if it has a data, cellular or Wi-Fi connection and if it doesn’t, it will cache the encrypted information.  When a connection is available, the VIZpin SMART app sends the information to your private VIZpin Account in the cloud where you can manage and view it from anywhere. 

“We continually improve the VIZpin experience for end-users and installers and VIZpin LINK is a major breakthrough” offered Paul Bodell, President and CEO, “now VIZpin Certified Partners can update systems and change settings without rolling a truck, regardless of where the VIZpin Reader-Controller is and whether or not there is any network connectivity.”

VIZpin LINK works with the VIZpin SMART app for iOS and Android and is available on all VIZpin PLUS Accounts.

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