Zwipe launches updated Zwipe Access product at IFSEC

June 22, 2016
Enhanced image capture and faster algorithm among features

OSLO, NORWAY – 15 June 2016– Zwipe, a global leader in biometric identification technologies, today announced the launch of Zwipe Access 2.0.  The updated access control product has several key enhancements such as faster authentication, enhanced image and capture capabilities, and reduced false rejection rates.  Zwipe Access 2.0 is being launched at IFSEC in London.

“The enhanced features were developed based on market research, customer feedback and industry advancements,” said Bob Fee, Director of Sales, North America.

The Zwipe Access biometric card is compatible with all popular proximity and smart card readers, including those from HID, Allegion and Farpointe.  The on-card 3D capacitive fingerprint scanner both captures and matches on the card; enabling users to maintain the security of their own biometric data.  At no time is biometric data communicated to any reader, hard drive or external database; giving peace of mind to end-users and card issuers alike.

Zwipe Access cards can be issued to key staff and personnel, or more specifically for certain high-security areas such as server rooms and pharmacies, providing the enhanced security benefits of 2-factor biometric authentication without the need to change existing access control system software or readers. The card can be integrated into a Physical or Logical Access Control system in the same way that present 125kHz Proximity, iCLASS, LEGIC or Mifare cards are incorporated. Through products such as Zwipe Access©, Zwipe ID© and Zwipe Payment©, Zwipe continues to be the industry leader in innovative biometric identification solutions.