SureID celebrates 2-year PIV-I credential issuance milestone

July 14, 2016
Industry expert in identity management stands as foremost commercial issuer of high-assurance identity credential

HILLSBORO, Ore.—July 11, 2016— SureID, Inc., a national leader in high-assurance identity management solutions, announced today the two-year anniversary of issuing its first Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) credential through the company’s RAPIDGate® program.  Following its first PIV-I issuance at Naval Base Kitsap on July 8, 2014,more than 170,000 PIV-I credentials have been issued under the RAPIDGate program, averaging over 300 PIV-I credentials per day. This milestone firmly establishes SureID as the industry leader and a nationally recognized expert in PIV-I credentialing, one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas of high-assurance identity management.

SureID’s PIV-I credentials can be issued to individuals supporting a wide variety of markets, including the commercial industry, the military services and other federal departments and agencies on a nationwide scale.

SureID is certified for having met federal government standards to issue PIV-I credentials ( These credentials require robust, in-person identity proofing of individuals at Level 4 identity authentication, the highest available for credentialing of non-government individuals. SureID’s PIV-I credentials also contain a chip provisioned with digital certificates that can be enabled for physical access, network information (logical) access, digital signature, and encrypted email. SureID’s PIV-I credentials support multi-factor identity authentication with photo, fingerprints and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This increasingly sought-after capability is ideal for cybersecurity-conscious organizations, especially those seeking to address areas of vulnerability identified in the Federal Cybersecurity Sprint announced in early 2015 by the Office of Personnel Management.

The RAPIDGate program and its SureID PIV-I process provide enhanced safety and security particularly when integrated with network information systems and Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM)-compliant access control systems.

“Reaching this milestone is a credit to our employees and further solidifies our position as the nation’s PIV-I credential experts,” said Steve Larson, chairman and chief executive officer of SureID, Inc. “Our solutions are creating new opportunities for organizations to strengthen their identity management process, including multi-factor identity authentication, to enhance the security and safety of their facilities, information systems and employees.”