VIZpin introduces free managed access control solution

Aug. 16, 2016
Cloud-based ACaaS perfect for smaller installations

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – August 10, 2016 — VIZpin, the market leader in Commercial Smartphone Access Control, today announced that VIZpin LITE, an entry level version of their popular Managed Access Control solution is now available at no charge .

End-users increasingly want to use their phone as their key instead of carrying another credential like a card or FOB.  They are also migrating to Smartphone based access control solutions because they are less expensive and more convenient; while improving security and increasing operational efficiency.  Mid-size applications usually require a full-featured service like VIZpin PLUS that offers unlimited users/doors, schedules and audit trails.  There are also many ultra-cost-sensitive applications that would like the convenience and security of a smartphone access control solution, but only have the budget for a low-tech solution like a keypad. 

To address this, VIZpin has introduced VIZpin LITE as a FREE service.  With VIZpin LITE, you can send keys to anyone with the VIZpin SMART app and these keys can be easily revoked.   Each VIZpin LITE account can have unlimited readers and includes 5 free keys.  Additional keys can be provided through a VIZpin Certified Dealer and are a fraction of the cost of prox cards or FOBs.  If your needs change, VIZpin LITE accounts can be easily upgraded to include user schedules and 90 day audit trails with unlimited events.

“Our dealers and locksmiths were asking for a simpler version of VIZpin that costs about the same as a keypad but lets you use your phone as your key” offered Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin “so we launched VIZpin LITE which provides more control, convenience and security.”

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