New forensic platform for data recovery promises high portability, strong analytics

Sept. 11, 2013
Human palm size device built on the newest NUC hardware platform continues to support law enforcement, others who deploy SV3 mobile forensics

IRVINE, Calif. -- Sept. 11, 2013  -- Susteen, Inc., a leading provider of mobile forensics solutions, announced today the release of Secure View 3 (SV3) NUC. This human palm size device built on the newest NUC hardware platform will continue to allow our law enforcement, military, federal and corporate security customers to deploy SV3 Mobile Forensics with high portability, strong analytics and added security.

SV NUC for Forensics enables users to quickly extract, analyze, and report relevant data from mobile phones. It stands alone as the most robust and industry leading analytical tool in mobile forensics with new advanced features such as:

  • Dedicated Hardware Ensuring Reliability, 2 Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 with 10 times the speed of USB 2.0, Windows 7, Intel i-5 processor and Solid State Drive
  • Support for over 140 Popular Applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, QQ, etc.
  • Android 4.2 Physical Dump
  • Android 4.2 Deleted Data Recovery
  • SV NUC will continue to maintain unrivaled analytical capabilities with Discovery, Timeline Analysis, Link Graph, Prime Number List, Activity Map, Gallery, and Web Activity.

Optional, advanced functionalities, capturing more "deleted" and "live" data that previously may have gone undetected. Other new options include:

  • iPhone Unlocking Features
  • iPhone instant passcode recovery for all iOS versions up to iOS 3
  • Simple 4-digit iOS 4, 5, 6 passcodes
  • Recovered in 10-40 minutes
  • Physical Analyzer Features
  • Physical Analyzer for Android and iPhone 4, 5 with full dump
  • Over 800 Physical Super Deep dump for LG, Samsung, and SK Telecom
  • Chinese Phone Analysis Features
  • Physical Extraction
  • Password Extraction
  • Supports nearly every Chinese phone

SV3 acquires data from over 95 percent of the phones released in the U.S. and Canada since the year 2000, independent of platform: iOS (including 6.0), Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and proprietary OS.

"SV NUC is the result of days of relentless development effort. I'm happy to announce that Secure View 3 continues its track record of mobile forensics breakthrough. By supporting tens of applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, QQ, Link, etc., investigators get a head start in combating crime by acquiring data which goes beyond traditional types of information to profiling the suspect every step of the way," said Hiroyuki Maruyama, CEO/President of Susteen.