Universal Guardian Unveils New RFID Programs at DoD RFID SUMMIT

April 9, 2007
Universal Guardian showcasing TAGeasy and TAGstation systems

WASHINGTON, April 4 -- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc., an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation and global supply chain security systems, and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal, and security threats to governments and businesses worldwide, announced that it has introduced its new TAGeasy and TAGstation DoD RFID programs at the United States Department of Defense RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Summit in Washington, D.C.

Universal's revolutionary TAGeasy and TAGstation systems provide DoD suppliers with immediate and cost-effective DoD RFID compliant labels for use on items, cases and pallets, and other packaging, at the source anywhere in the world ... all with little or no capital investment.

TAGeasy is a secure, online e-Commerce RFID label fulfillment system that generates DoD approved RFID labels, including a Certificate of Compliance, shipped overnight to DoD suppliers and generates a government approved receiving report (ASN) ... all for only $29.95 per month and $.19 per RFID label with a one-year subscription.

TAGstation is a secure, online dedicated web-based portal with an on- site RFID printer that produces DoD compliant RFID labels on demand, generates a government approved receiving report (ASN) and a Certificate of Compliance. TAGstation provides end-to-end order tracking and asset visibility from shipping to receiving ... worldwide. TAGstation delivers the Department of Defense and its suppliers the complete system including the RFID encoding label printer and Gen 2 RFID labels for only $299 per month and $.17 per label.

We are excited about the enthusiastic reception of our TAGeasy and TAGstation systems by DoD suppliers," stated Michael Skellern, Universal's CEO. "TAGeasy and TAGstation programs provide DoD suppliers with Gen 2 RFID labels, receiving reports, certificates of compliance ... faster, better, and less expensive than any other source." Mr. Skellern added.

"TAGeasy and TAGstation web-based systems are an integral part of our Total Asset Guardian (TAG3) platform, which is our end-to-end, global supply chain asset visibility and inventory data management platform that delivers source-based RFID compliance labeling, asset tracking functionality, logistics management and supply chain security," stated Huba Horompoly, Universal's Chief Technology Officer. "DoD suppliers can enroll now at www.TAG3.com and receive DoD RFID labels tomorrow" added Mr. Horompoly.