LPRC researches reduction of razor blade thefts

May 30, 2008
Study finds asset protection device effective at cutting shrink, increasing sales

According to a recent study conducted by the Loss Prevention Retail Council, Checkpoint Systems' Alpha Keeper, dramatically reduced the rate of shrink on razor blades at major U.S. retailers.

Alpha Keepers are clear, polycarbonate cases accompanied by electronic, anti-theft devices that allow customers to have access to various merchandise without retailers having to place it behind store counters or lock it in a cabinet.

Subsequently, the study, which involved the use of Alpha Keepers on 69 different shaving and razor products at stores during the latter part of 2007, found that theft of the products dropped considerably and that sales increased. When taking all of the different sales and shrink factors into account, Alpha Keepers actually paid for themselves in about seven months, having an internal rate of return of 139 percent during the test period.

In a statement issued by Checkpoint Systems, LPRC Director Read Hayes, Ph.D., said that the study was one of the most "rigorous" research projects of an asset protection solution to date and that it validated "retailers investments in similar security solutions for their stores."