Checkpoint Systems launches CHECKVIEW with Milestone IP video

Aug. 30, 2006
System ties surveillance and data management solution for retailers.

Checkpoint Systems, the global leader in Radio Frequency-based shrink management solutions, has announced in Europe the launch of CheckView, an advanced Retail IP Video Management Software Solution providing retailers with a leading edge in networked video and retail intelligence. For the development of this offering, Checkpoint joined with Milestone Systems, the global market leader of open platform IP video surveillance management software.

CheckView has been developed to help retailers better analyze and manage transaction data with video verification for Point of Sale (POS) systems. It will allow them to optimize the quality of the information received and to react quickly to in-store events.

CheckView is based on Milestone XProtect software, integrated with additional features and functionality (like the Remote Client application and EPOS) to answer the specific needs of the retail sector.

“CheckView has been developed jointly by Checkpoint Systems and Milestone Systems, to provide retailers with a complete, high quality in-store intelligence solution. All the best of technology has been gathered and will provide retailers with a significant advance to fight shrinkage and help them to sell more,” declared Per Levin, Worldwide President of Shrink Management and Merchandising Solutions at Checkpoint Systems.

“We are excited at the prospect of providing this best-of-breed solution with Checkpoint Systems for the important retail market segment. The combination of IP Video and mega pixel resolution integrated with cash registers provides instant Return On Investment for the customer,” said Lars Thinggaard, President and CEO of Milestone Systems. “This partnership of market leaders will lead to improved customer satisfaction with increased video security for POS systems, and the ability to educate staff on best practices and procedures.”

CheckView is a video management software solution designed to operate over a standard CAT 5 LAN/WAN infrastructure. The solution comprises software, server and service as well as a range of high quality IP network and mega-pixel digital cameras. The new technology provides general surveillance and Point Of Sale management for instant response to events, and seamless remote access through a LAN/WAN network.

Mega-pixel cameras have significantly higher resolution compared to traditional analogue cameras and produce super sharp images for recording and printing quality, especially when progressive scan technology is utilized. The Milestone IP video system with management software can also be set to react to selected events, such as motion detection and other alarm triggers. The IP network cameras can be powered over the Ethernet (POE) using the existing cable infrastructure and backed up by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the same way as any other IT system. Installation of the CheckView solution is therefore quicker, simpler and more cost effective.

The Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) module in CheckView records every transaction from the cash register and overlays them into event videos in the Milestone database. This makes it possible to quickly and easily search transactions by specific information such as transaction data or product names - also remotely over the network.

The solution has also been designed to offer direct access via the web from any place at any time. The encrypted data ensures security against unauthorized access.