Coalition for Luggage Security Comments on RFID

March 2, 2007
Luggage-as-cargo organization argues that RFID doesn't solve luggage security gap

NEW YORK -- The Coalition for Luggage Security commented today on RFID (Radio-Frequency Id Baggage Tags), the new luggage-tracking device. While this new technology may reduce the instances of lost luggage, it does not eliminate the problem nor solve the security issue which should be at the forefront of all discussions on luggage.

The Coalition for Luggage Security urges Government officials and the airline industry to deal with the security threat that results from the presence of luggage in airports and passenger flights. "Luggage is cargo and should be treated as such," stated Richard A. Altomare President and Founder of the Coalition and CEO of Universal Express, (OTCBB:USXP). The Coalition believes that passenger luggage should not be shipped on passenger flights and proposes passengers be given a choice to ship their bags in advance of their trip to reach their destination before they arrive. This would dramatically reduce the number of bags in airplanes and airports. A decline in passenger baggage reduces the prospect of infiltration of terrorist devices onboard airplanes, reduces the chances for security breaches and reduces the amount of luggage being lost. Managing security and passenger luggage becomes easier when baggage is taken out of airports.

"The primary goal of luggage reform must not be to reduce the instances of lost luggage but rather to solve the security gap that exists in today's airports. Technology such as RFID is attempting to solve the problems inherent in the current bar-code-based systems. However, the replacement of one faulty system with another is not the answer to this problem. RFID will not be the cure for lost luggage as much of the baggage-handling process will still be manual. This is a very costly system for a problem that the system is unable to solve. A band-aid is not what this problem requires, and knowing where the lost luggage is does not change how we feel as we stand with empty arms at the carousel," concluded Mr. Altomare.

The Coalition's proposal is explained in detail in White Paper. "More Safety, Less Hassle for American Travelers: A Private Sector Solution" by Richard A. Altomare

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