GuardTrax GPS tracking devices to be used at Super Bowl

Feb. 1, 2008
Security personnel tracking devices will be used to speed incident response time

At this year's Super Bowl, GPS/wireless tracking devices will be utilized to monitor, track, and manage security personnel in "real-time" via the Internet, which may speed up security incident response times.

The GuardTrax SFL(TM) (Security Force Locator) by NovaTracker is the security industry's first "real-time" GPS tracking solution for foot patrol security personnel. GuardTrax enables security supervisors and managers to track, monitor and manage their field security forces in "real-time" at all times. The GuardTrax SFL(TM) utilizes GPS antenna GSM wireless communication which pinpoints location and activity data and combines it with mapping and satellite imagery software that is accurate to within several feet.

"It gives security supervisors and managers a virtual window from which they can view the activities of their roaming security personnel inside and out of the stadium in 'real-time' all from the confines of the security operations center -- or anywhere in the world, for that matter," explains Mike Petty, SVP of Sales GuardTrax Division at NovaTracker. "Rather than try to talk over thousands of screaming fans, a security officer will punch in a simple 3 digit incident code which will in seconds notify supervisors of an EMS emergency, fan altercation, or any one of 23 different incidents relating to security issues -- In the case of a fan having a heart attack for example, saving minutes could save a life."

The GuardTrax SFL(TM) has an innovative incident reporting system that utilizes a straightforward multi-function button coding system. These coded incident reports, together with the location, time, date, and other critical incident location data, are received by the GuardTrax server where they are immediately relayed from field personnel to supervisors and mangers via email or SMS.

In addition to the officer-initiated or "keyed" incident reporting, the GuardTrax SFL(TM) is equipped with a motion sensor that will report if the device has had no motion for a predetermined amount of time. If something happens to security personnel holding a device, the security operations center will be alerted.

"There certainly won't be any guards sleeping at this game, that's for sure, but not all assignments are as exciting as this one," Petty adds.

"The security industry has been waiting for years for a system like GuardTrax that enables management to monitor each guard's exact location and movement in 'real-time' from any Internet-enabled location to respond quickly and appropriately," explains David Leis, chief marketing officer at NovaTracker. "Ensuring each guard's personal safety and security, while monitoring performance, is now as simple as using a web browser, and clicking on a location to watch the movement of each guard's avatar. We believe it will help firms scale back management expenses, mitigate theft liability, and lower insurance costs."

Weighing only six ounces and measuring approximately 2"x 4", the GuardTrax unit is barely larger than the average cell phone and can easily fit into a shirt or pant pocket. Rugged design and a weather-resistant case make for a highly functional and durable device.

GuardTrax units are now being leased by several top security companies. For an online demo, please visit or call 800-372-7068.

About NovaTracker

Headquartered in Cranford, New Jersey, NovaTracker L.L.C. has developed proprietary technology used in the world's most intelligent GPS and wireless tracking products and solutions for fleet management, asset protection and covert security markets. The company was founded in 2003 and has received funding from Columbus Nova, a New York private equity firm. For more information, please visit