TEK Industries Releases the New TEK Mousemat

April 12, 2005
Mousemat features RFID reader inside a mousepad

TEK Industries Inc., a provider of RFID solutions, has released its newest RFID hardware Package: TEK Mousemat. This "plug and play" RFID Scanner is packaged inside of a mousepad.

Measuring 9.25" by 7.75" with an integrated antenna, the TEK Mousemat interfaces with a desktop, laptop, or Pocket PC via USB connection, making it portable and adaptable. The TEK Mousemat RFID Reader/Writer operates at 13.56MHz and reads all ISO 15693 standard tags at a distance of 2"-6", depending upon tag size.

"For the first time, there is a reader available which embodies the best of what RFID systems are supposed to provide," says Scott Hoffman, director of sales and marketing for TEK Industries. "Its affordability, adaptability, and easy operation means the TEK Mousemat will greatly improve ROI for companies struggling to meet mandates and will open the door to many new and exciting RFID applications."

The TEK Mousemat is targeted toward a variety of applications including inventory management, computer security, facility access control, file tracking, item verification and authentication. While there will be focus on these traditional avenues of RFID deployment, TEK Industries feels the TEK Mousemat will attract small to medium businesses that do not have large IT budgets.

"The Mousemat is a perfect fit for many different industries," says Mark Matheny, president of TEK Industries, Inc., "and it will draw in many more who thought RFID was for the other guy."

For computer security, companies can use the product with RFID-embedded ID badges so that the badge could be scanned over the mouse mat, and sign the user onto a selected computer.

"The TEK Mousemat is versatile enough to be used for both retail point of sale and as inventory readers in the same store," explains Scott Hoffman, "This will significantly reduce deployment costs for company wide solutions."

The standard TEK Mousemat has a price beginning under $200. There are a range of available options such as customizable logos and customizable packaging, including a "paddle" version for handheld applications and an RS232 Connection. For custom mounting applications, the board without the mousepad is available and reduces unit size to approximately 3" by 4". To expand the range of TEK Mousemat capabilities further, a 915MHz UHF version is to be released in the fall of 2005.

The product is available on the web at: http://www.tekind.com/.