MPI Label Systems Showcases New RFID Label Printer

Aug. 5, 2005
3600RW label printer and applicator allows printing, validation, affixing of labels in single process

The 3600RW label printer/applicator from MPI Label Systems allows users to print, validate, write and affix variable RFID labels in a single process, eliminating the need for pre-printed RFID labels. The device prints, validates, writes and affixes an RFID label in real time at speeds up to 30 labels per minute. Other systems require writing to the transponder before the point of label application. Because information and production requirements change frequently, users could end up with a pre-written roll of labels with inaccurate transponder information.

The printer/applicator also allows users to achieve increased RFID labeling accuracy. The read/write head inspects each transponder at the point of label application to make sure it is good. Labels with defective transponders are detected and discarded. This assures 100 percent viable tags as they start through the supply chain.

Acceptable labels are immediately written with real-time information and tamp-blow applied, wherein an air cylinder application pad holds the dispensed label by vacuum, extends, then blows the label onto the product.