CargoNet teams with Florida truckers to help mitigate theft

March 3, 2016
CargoNet and Florida Trucking Association align to mitigate cargo theft in Florida

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- March 02, 2016 — Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading data analytics provider, has announced an alliance between its CargoNet business and the Florida Trucking Association (FTA) to help members reduce cargo theft risk and lobby for stricter penalties and more public resources. 

CargoNet will assist the FTA to collect, aggregate, and analyze cargo theft data in an effort to aid law enforcement with recoveries and better identify trends. Their collective efforts will also assist the state to better understand the potential damages of cargo theft intrastate. Both organizations are optimistic this strategy will help them communicate to legislators the need for more resources, such as more law enforcement officers in the state of Florida dedicated to cargo theft. Additionally, these collection efforts are essential to assist in their commitments to lobby for stricter cargo theft penalties.

CargoNet is centered on a national database and information-sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject matter experts. By providing recovery support, deterrence measures, and coordinated, real-time communications between theft victims and law enforcement agents, CargoNet helps its members prevent cargo theft and improve chances of recovery. Since its launch in 2010, CargoNet has helped its members recover more than $50 million in stolen tractors, trailers, and cargo. In addition, the organization has been successful in aiding law enforcement with dozens of arrests through the use of its 24/7/365 command center and its database of cargo crime.

“The state of Florida has been a hot spot for cargo theft for some time now,” said FTA President and CEO Ken Armstrong. “Our members have given us a call to action, and we aim to rise to the occasion. Aligning with CargoNet allows us to do just that. Its program has shown to be effective, and we have no doubt that together we can help our members mitigate their risk of becoming a victim and, in fact, recover if their trucks and cargo are stolen.”

“Our strategic alliance with the Florida Trucking Association is a great step forward in exploiting the vulnerabilities of cargo thieves in the state of Florida—through information sharing and cargo theft trend analytics,” added Anthony Canale, general manager, CargoNet. “It’s encouraging to have the FTA meaningfully participate in our current initiatives. It’s also paramount to gain the support of the Florida trucking industry, and we’re optimistic that their willingness to support the contribution of their membership base will help strengthen our collaborative efforts to fuse theft data and intelligence toward the eradication of cargo crimes.”

Special member pricing will be available to FTA members that wish to use CargoNet to reduce the economic impact of cargo crime and use CargoNet’s recovery, deterrence, and analytical services as part of the value they offer to their clients.

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About Florida Trucking Association

Headquartered in Tallahassee, the Florida Trucking Association represents Florida’s trucking industry and its allied services, addresses public policy issues related to the industry, and forges vital relationships between truckers and various regulatory components at the state and federal level. FTA is dedicated to promoting the safest, most dependable and cost-effective motor transportation system for all of Florida.

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