Canada goes for cellular communicators

June 6, 2012
Cellular communication from Telular is now available in Canada

Telular Corporation, Atlanta, is extending the reach of its branded Telguard cellular communications products to Canada, where the company says interest in wireless intrusion signaling is gaining speed and acceptance throughout the region.

As the 2G sunset progresses, with no grandfathering or extension of communications, systems integrators and alarm dealers are embracing cellular communicators for 3G/4G networks as primary communications for burglary, fire and personal emergency response systems (PERS).

Telular is helping the security industry understand the change and its timeline, and has developed a nifty piece on its website to assist with any questions integrators and dealers may have:


With the sunset of 2G on the horizon and with more dealers and integrators moving to cellular-based products, picking 3G/4G based products becomes essential to minimizing the impact of the approaching end of GSM and GPRS, commented Welsh. In addition to the inherent advantages of wireless versus hardwired devices, the robustness and signaling reliability of these products has increased, he said. “RMR-boasting add-on services over cellular have come to be expected by most customers,” said Welsh. “All our products offer remote interactive services and two-way voice support and retrofit to existing panels,” he said. “Our offering in Canada brings a truly differentiated product offering to these integrators and their customers,” Welsh said. Telular worked with CANASA, the Canadian Security Association, and its dealers to ensure full support throughout the province.

Telular has partnered with carrier Rogers and uses their 3G/4G network in Canada that provides greater coverage than their 2G network. Canadian dealers have access to the following Telguard solutions for 3G/4G networks through distribution: the TG-1 Express primary cellular alarm communicator; the TG-P PERS communicator; the TG-4 Primary and Backup Business and Residential Cellular Alarm Communicator; and the TG-7 Commercial, Industrial and Financial Cellular Alarm Communicator.

Not only has cellular gained the acceptance of the Authority Having Jurisdiction in many fire alarm markets for primary signaling, it is also gaining a foothold in the PERS category. Because the company's solutions work over 3G/4G networks, Welsh said that the technology won't be outdated in switches from 2G to 3G networks (e.g., from GSM to HSPDA) and provide the longevity that security dealers and their customers need.

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