Stanley CSS buys south Florida Sonitrol dealer

Jan. 8, 2009
Purchase Sonitrol of the Palm Beaches for undisclosed sum

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, which purchased Sonitrol Corporation in 2008 for $275 million, has purchased Sonitrol of the Palm Beaches, one of the remaining Sonitrol franchises. Terms of the acquisition were not released by Stanley.

The franchise was based in West Palm Beach, Fla., and the purchase brings on a number of commercial accounts into Stanley's Sonitrol group. The customers affected are chiefly in Palm Beach and Martin Counties in Florida.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions CEO Tony Byerly said the acquisition helps his company penetrate the South Florida market.

"The Sonitrol of the Palm Beaches acquisition allows us to increase our presence in the Florida area, a market we see as a growth opportunity for our company," said Byerly.

Sonitrol's alarm monitoring technology is known for its use of audio verification of alarms in a process where monitoring staff can listen for suspicious sounds that would verify an intrusion.

Sonitrol of the Palm Beaches was owned by Joseph Rosenthal since 1984.