Westec Expands, Acquires Three Companies

Oct. 12, 2005
Westec acquires monitoring solutions companies following receipt of $20M in funding

IRVINE, Calif. -- Westec InterActive, an intelligent video monitoring technologies and services provider, has acquired three regional companies which doubles the company’s workforce, expands its regional presence and adds new technologies that help Westec expand its security and remote monitoring service offerings to other areas of operations for retailers, restaurants, commercial businesses and government municipalities.

Westec’s acquisition of DV Dallas and d2 Digital Designs, both of Dallas, and Sparta Consulting Group of Frederick, Md., comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of $20 million in combined funding from Clarity Partners and Westec’s CEO/Owner Gerald T. Vento. Westec is also currently developing a new monitoring facility in West Des Moines, Iowa, that will open in November. With the acquisitions, Westec now monitors more than 2,000 sites nationwide supported from 16 regional offices.

“Concurrently acquiring DV Dallas, d2 Digital Designs and Sparta Consulting Corporation allows Westec to very quickly expand our network of intelligent technology and deepen our service offerings as well as leverage their exceptional proprietary technologies for the benefit of its regional and national customers,” said Westec InterActive Chairman and CEO Gerald Vento. “With these expansions, Westec is strengthening its leadership position as the key provider of the interactive video monitoring services.”

d2 Digital Designs and DV Dallas were previously owned by Darjon Bittner, now vice president of technology development for Westec InterActive. DV Dallas provides remote video monitoring hardware to small, commercial and enterprise businesses. It is also the innovator of an industry-leading digital video recorder that integrates alarm panel functionality, intelligent video applications and advanced video surveillance monitoring into one single platform. d2 Digital Designs, an application development company, develops advanced online applications for digital video, portals, training, interactive applications and much more. Both are now divisions of Westec.

“DV Dallas created a revolutionary digital video recording technology that changes the way central stations monitor and track events at customer sites,” said Bittner. “Joining forces with Westec has given us the financial resources to continue developing new technologies and services that range from safety and security to GPS asset tracking and data mining for marketing purposes. The combination of Westec, DV Dallas and D2 gives us the ability to bring better monitoring solutions to the marketplace.”

Previously owned by Severin Sorensen, Sparta Consulting Corporation, delivers advanced physical security solutions for high-risk environments, such as housing developments, government municipalities and manufacturing facilities. Now a division of Westec, Sparta will help Westec penetrate more markets and significantly boost its customer base.

“Becoming part of Westec has enabled Sparta to be more competitive both in our marketplace and nationwide,” said Severin Sorensen, former owner and president of Sparta Consulting Corporation and now vice president of Business and Applications Development for Westec. “Sparta brings to Westec specific industry experience in the housing sector, law enforcement and municipalities as well as proprietary monitoring technologies that add value to Westec’s already state-of-the-art central station capabilities.”

All Westec Central Command Centers, including the recently acquired facility located in Dallas, feature cutting-edge technologies that will be networked with the company’s existing center in Irvine, Calif. and the newly constructed center in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Westec’s centers provide remote video monitoring that stretches beyond security and safety, delivering intelligent business monitoring for operations improvement. In addition to performing safety interventions and verification of burglar alarms with video, Westec personnel also perform remote escorts and compliance audits, conduct in-depth special investigations, track customer buying patterns, and monitor outdoor spaces, such as automotive dealerships, construction sites and ports.

All Westec centers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by highly qualified, trained intervention experts and customer service specialists. Carefully screened before being hired, Westec’s staff members receive hundreds of hours of intensive training to ensure the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction.

Vento added, “With our new advanced interactive video monitoring technology and expanded locations, Westec is now delivering greater value to customers with much more than standard security. We offer our customers customizable services that encompass day-to-day operational monitoring to help reduce overhead, increase profitability and improve overall operations.”

Westec InterActive is online at www.westecnow.com.