MKS announces new integration with Cloud-based Services from Bosch Security Systems

Aug. 26, 2015

MKS and Bosch Security Systems, Inc. are pleased to announce the completion and successful deployment of the integration between the MKS (Micro Key Solutions) Central Station platform and the full range of cloud-based video monitoring services from Bosch. This integration fully enables MKS-powered monitoring centers to leverage the Cloud Services from Bosch, which include Video Verification, 24/7 Live Intervention, Virtual Guard, Virtual Escort, and Virtual Assistant.

By designing a cloud-based solution, Bosch has created a platform that virtually eliminates the investment required by a central monitoring center (CMS) to offer these services to their dealers and end-customers. There is no specialized software or hardware required for the CMS to further extend its current offerings or to start participating in the fast-growing video monitoring business.

To help make these services available to the broadest market possible, Bosch has designed all of its IP cameras to connect to the cloud automatically. The installer simply enters the MAC address into the installer portal, and the connection is established; no router login and configuration is required. The solution is truly plug-and-play.

The services offered by Bosch extend well beyond the traditional video monitoring services as well. With on-board Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and the metadata collected by its IVA cameras, Bosch enables the creation of other interesting and important business support services for the end user such as Customer Traffic Reports. These enhanced services turn the security devices into valuable business management tools.

To further demonstrate the value of these services to the end-customer, Bosch has created a free app, “Site Monitor”, available for Android and iOS devices. With the credentials created by the dealer, the app allows the end-user to connect to any cameras installed at their site and connected to the cloud. Optionally, the end user can also be sent notifications of events being reported at their site, whether it be an IVA-generated alarm or a video verification request from the intrusion panel.

“The partnership with MKS is an important step in helping central monitoring stations to deliver more value to their dealers and end users,” said Chris Larcinese, Manager of Cloud-based Services – North America, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “MKS is a recognized leader in Alarm Management Platforms with a large and growing customer base, and MKS customers can now use our cloud services to drive growth with new opportunities for recurring monthly revenue.”

“The integration to the Cloud-based Services from Bosch is an exciting new option to the MKS platform. The Bosch team has been a pleasure to partner with and allows our MKS customers to begin using this service today,” said Stephen Kovacsiss, Central Station Business Development for MKS.

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